Why does my Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone Freeze on the logo? – Solution

In case you wonder Why is my Samsung Galaxy cell phone frozen on the logo? Today we will tell you a little about the solution and the reasons for this problem.

The Bootloop

Bootloop refers to all those circumstances in which the startup of a device is interrupted. The characteristic of this circumstance is that the mobile device stays in a undefined restart loop and it does not go beyond the logo.

However, there are other circumstances where the matter is somewhat different, where there is no restart loop. For example, when an iPhone does not start and stays on the Apple logo, a problem that also occurs on Android. If anything, both errors are relatively common on mobile devices, although they were even more common in early Android devices.

The causes for which a bootloop can occur are diverse, ranging from failures in the mobile system to changes made by the user.

Effectively, the user may be the culprit that the Samsung mobile or any other is frozen. Many times this occurs when operating system configurations are changed, such as at the time of root or when installing a Rom other than the one that comes by default on the mobile.

samsung problem does not start logo

Another cause of device freezing on startup is a failed update. Installing an update incorrectly or with corrupted data can cause this problem. In these cases, doing a Hard Reset on your Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50 cell phone could help.

On the other hand, there are times when the reason for bootloops is not well defined. In other words, it may appear out of nowhere, although in most cases it refers to system data corruption for some reason or another.

Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy to freeze

As we pointed out before, the causes of the problem are diverse, so there are some things that we can try to repair the Android cell phone that gets stuck in the logo. If you have this problem try the following.

Wait until the mobile is downloaded

If your device hangs on the logo after many attempts, try wait for it to download. After waiting, try to boot the device again.

The above might seem like a silly solution, but sometimes just waiting for the phone to download and trying to boot it up again usually works. Still, it would be wise to analyze the cause of the problem so that it does not reoccur.

Try the Recovery function

Using the Recovery features can help you return to factory settings of a device. In certain circumstances this can help with Samsung mobiles.

samsung left logo

Undeniably, the process to restart, and format the cell phone to factory settings with Recovery varies from device to device and although you can try conventional methods, sometimes you have to find the one specific to your mobile. Clearly this should be done only in case the warranty has expired and with great caution.

Go to the manufacturer

It is possibly the most effective solution if this problem occurs when the mobile still has a warranty. Although in many circumstances the freezing of the screen on the logo has a solution, in other occasions it can only be fixed by means of the intervention of a technician.

Undoubtedly, it is best to go directly to the company that sold you the device. In the event that you no longer have a warranty or they do not solve the problem, go to a technician who can help you.

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