Why does my Xiaomi Mobile not Recognize the MicroSD Card and how to fix it? | See How It’s Done

When a mobile phone Xiaomi does not recognize the MicroSD card, it is regularly a problem on the card and not on the device. However, this can be caused by different variables and in turn has different solutions.

Xiaomi’s phones have gained popularity in a short period of time for its quality and affordable price of the devices. In addition to having stable support and presenting very few errors on their computers.

Basic steps to solve that the Xiaomi mobile does not recognize the MicroSD card

There are a few easy ways to find out what the problem is, which may be in the mobile or card, and fix it. However, in case these do not work, it is necessary to apply some more advanced methods that will be discussed later.

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Take into account that the methods is to help you with the SD card, if your problem is that the Xiaomi does not recognize the SIM card, then you should look for another alternative.

Remove the card and turn off the phone

This procedure many times solves the error that the Xiaomi mobile does not recognize the MicroSD card. To begin, the MicroSD card must be removed carefully, very attentive to how the Xiaomi phone system is. Later the mobile must be turned off and in this state enter the Micro SD card again. Next, you must turn on the phone and make sure if the problem is solved (this process is delicate, so if you do not know how to insert a SIM card in a Xiaomi cell phone you should look for it).

Format the MicroSD

Sometimes when a card is inserted into other devices, these can change certain aspects of their integrity, which causes Xiaomi to not be able to recognize it. A solution to this is to format the card, it is best to do it from a computer and put the same format that you already had or the default.

memory formatting

For this, the MicroSD card must generally be integrated into an adapter that can enter the computer. Once the card is inside, you must access «Team”And right-click on the removable device that represents memory. Then select the option «Format”, In the next window the values ​​will be left as they are and press“Start”.

This will erase any settings and existing data in memory, so if you have important files, you should keep them off the card before doing this process. Once it is formatted, you must enter the Xiaomi phone and verify if it accepts it and the error has been solved.

Format from special applications

If none of the above has worked, the problem is most likely with the card and not with the phone. To perform a deep formatting, it is necessary to download specialized applications, such as «HP Disk Storage Format Tool ”. With this tool, a cleaner cleaning and restructuring process will be carried out.

The aforementioned application must be downloaded and installed. Then we proceed to open and select the option «Low Level Format» then you must press «Format this Devices» after you have chosen the memory card from the central list.

This process tends to take time because it is important to be patient and not remove or turn off the computer. Since it can cause irreparable damage to the card.

Advanced steps to solve that the Xiaomi mobile does not recognize the MicroSD card

tarejta sd entering mobile

These steps require a little more attention and time because they present more complexity in their development.

Fix that the Xiaomi mobile does not recognize the MicroSD card using the CHKDSK command

This command runs through Windows and is used to troubleshoot errors within it. To do this, it is necessary to insert the card into the computer and open a command console.

The command console is opened by pressing the keys «Windows» Y «R» at the same time. This will open the run window, in the bar you have you must write «cmd«And press»To accept”.

In the command console, you must enter the command «chkdsk «Followed by the letter that identifies the card in the window «Team» Y «:”. Then the command «chkdsk”Followed by the letter and then by the letter «: / F” To apply the MicroSD repair.

And voila, now that you know this, it is impossible that you have not solved your problem. For this reason, to complement your knowledge about Xiaomi, you should look for how to factory reset a Xiaomi.

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