Why does Rappi stay on the mustache? Effective Solution

If you have asked yourself why Rappi stays loading on the mustache? And how can I do to solve this error? Well, here we will explain what steps you must follow to continue with your usual orders.

The Rappi app is well known for its efficiency and for how fast orders arrive through it, however it usually happens that the app presents errors when loading or that it is directly loaded in the mustache just when opening the application, so you can not order any order or service.

First method to solve that Rappi stays loading

To perform any of the procedures, you must be registered in the application, and have your data at hand, since you may have to return to log once the process is complete.

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If the problem you present is constant and does not solve itself automatically, you should think about reset the appFor this you have to delete it from your device and then reinstall it, this will cause the damaged files to be replaced with new ones. With this you will be able to resolve the error, to delete the app you can use the application control panel, or you can click on the app until the option appears.

Once you have completely deleted it, you will have to go to the application store, where you will have to search for ‘Rappi’ to get the official app and reinstall it, you just have to click on it and click on the green box that says install.

rappi stays loading in the mustache solution

When you do this, the app will automatically begin to install itself on your device, when it is finished you will have to log in again and you will verify that everything is resolved. It is important that you have your app updated, since you can be a winner of benefits, such as that your shipments are free.

Second method to solve that Rappi stays loading

On apps like RappiIt is very common for these types of errors to happen, since they are frequently subjected to information overloads, due to the large number of people who use it at the same time. This in turn is caused because the platform has deficiencies in its central servers.

What you should check whenever you see these types of errors, is that the app is properly installed and in the most recent version and that you do not have too many apps on your cell phone. In addition, from time to time you may be cleaning the cache of the applications on your device, because it can take up a lot of space and end up being harmful.

To do this, on most Android devices, you have to from the configuration menu, look for the word storage and among the options the one that says cache. By doing this you should get an estimate of how much space you are using in the cache, and just by tapping on this section you will see the option to delete.

Doing this process every so often can help that our cell phone stays optimal and fast, and that the applications do not have this kind of freezing or malfunctioning.

Tips so that this error does not occur

In the first instance you must download the app from the official store, It is not recommended to be downloading content from third-party websites, since these may have errors that make the app not connect with the main server, so it will not load the delivery menu.

effective solution for rappi

It is well known that Rappi offers promotions and coupons, with which you can improve your purchasesHowever, these are done through the official app, so you should not enter links that offer these services because they can be fraudulent, and try to steal your personal data to spend your money.

Another thing you can try for the proper functioning of Rappi and of your other apps, is that you have your cell phone software updated to the newest version, since the app is always innovating and old versions may be unused, therefore, they lose the ability to connect to the main server and not charging properly.

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