Why doesn’t my Cell Phone’s Screen automatically rotate? – Solution (Example)

Why doesnt my Cell Phones Screen automatically rotate Solution

Mobile phones are an essential part of the life of every human being. Because these they are the perfect assistants. However, since not everything is rosy, sometimes these companions can present problems. For one of these drawbacks is today’s guide, so you can see Why doesn’t the mobile screen automatically rotate?

And it is that, the fact that the screen cannot be rotated on my Android cell phone or iPhone is a very serious problem, because many applications and even games need this function to work properly. But don’t worry, although the problem is sinister, the solution is simple.

Why doesn’t the screen rotate automatically?

Now, to get this tutorial off to a good start and for you to learn as soon as possible why your mobile screen doesn’t automatically rotate, you have to bear in mind that there are many reasons (impossible to list all) why this can happen.

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For that very reason, is that today you will see the most general and common reasons why this problem occurs, and you will also learn how to solve each of them quickly.

Screen flip on Android

For the purposes of this tutorial, you will be explained how to fix the issue on Android and iPhone, but separately, so to start with Android you have to know that the failure can occur due to the calibration of the G sensor

redmi in hands playing

This sensor is basically an accelerometer, which measures the speeds and forces applied to the mobile and tells it when to automatically rotate the screen. This device can get out of calibration with use, preventing your phone from turning.

If you want to fix this problem you have to go to the «Settings» of the device, and from there go to «Screen», within this section there will be an option called «Calibrate the G sensor» which you must press.

With this action the calibration interface will open, so now you have to place the mobile on a completely flat surface and press the «Calibrate» button, if everything goes well the problem will be solved.

Memory and cache failure

What you read above should have made it a bit clearer why your mobile screen does not automatically rotate, but in case that was not your problem, here is another solution.

Sometimes the failure it can happen because you have too many things running at the same time on your cell phone, or because your memory is too slow, which prevents rotation or slows it down.

To solve this you have to close all open apps and the browser window, you should also turn off the mobile to refresh the operating system. If none of this works, then you will need to clear the system data cache.

You do this by going to «Settings», then to «Applications» and «Application Manager», and finally to «Market», within this and click on «Clear cache».

In the event that that does not help either, you will have to leave here to look for a tutorial on how to restore your factory phone because there is no other solution.

Fix spin on iPhone

Since you already know the solution to the error in Android, it is time for you to see how to fix the problem that prevents you from rotating or rotating the screen of an iPhone. You should know that what you can do here is more limited, since it is very unlikely that this failure will happen to you.

automatic turn quick option

One of the solutions for the problem is check that the iPhone does not have the rotation option locked. To do this you have to press the start button and then slide your finger up at the bottom of the screen.

If everything goes well, you should get the Wi-Fi, flashlight, etc. options, and the rotation icon should also appear, if it is with an orange padlock it is because it is locked, so you must press it to unlock it.

In the event that this method does not work for you, then you can try disabling the zoom of the screen. Also, if your iPad or mobile has a side switch, Try turning it on and off several times. And that’s it, you know why your mobile screen doesn’t automatically rotate and how to fix it.


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