Why is Excel Not Responding, Crashing, or Stopping Working? – Solution (Example)

Excel stops working while working on a spreadsheet? Said failure is one of the historical problems of the application and finding the reason is complicated. But for this reason it is not an eventuality that does not have a solution.

That is to say, solving it is easy, as long as you know how to notice the symptoms of your computer when you use the program. In this way, it will be possible to find the correct solution to this error.

Why does Excel stop working?

There can be many reasons why a program suddenly stops working while it is being used. ANDThis application is one of the ones that suffers the most from this error, and it’s sure to be really frustrating for you to have to lose your document data.

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But, to determine what is causing this eventuality, you need to look at those atypical symptoms on your PC. For example, if when you open Excel, the computer becomes a little slower than normal moments before the program stops working.

In that case, the problem may be due to poor RAM management system or some parallel process that runs alongside Excel. This can cause conflicts when using the program and, eventually, cause it to stop.

excel stopped working

On the other hand, another aspect that causes a constant failure is the obsolescence of the Office. That may be the reason why Excel stops working, and while it is one of the least incident factors, it may still be the cause.

Among other things, many sources and Technicians indicate that the antivirus also has a great influence on this errorr. And not because it is directly affecting the program, but because it has expired or is out of date, letting in threats that are the real reason.

Solutions to fix Excel stop, crash, or no response

As well as there are several factors why excel stops working, there are also possible solutions that will prevent the error from happening again.

Update the program to its latest version

If you have the most competent Microsoft operating system (Windows 10) you can use the system update tool.

This can be done through the «Security» tab from the system settings. Where you will find an option that says «Windows Update», where you must enter to make the query.

Within this segment you must press a button at the top that says «Search for updates». This action will take a few seconds and then it will show you whether or not there are new versions of the programs.

Is there another process using Excel?

Another reason why Excel stops working, does not respond or hangs, is because it is being used by another process in parallel. Something that may be subject to the use of a plugin or extension installed within the program.

excel spreadsheet

This is something that you can see from a status bar that is found at the bottom of Excel. If the software is in use, chances are that if you try another action, the program will end up stopping.

It is recommended that, if one or more extensions are causing too many conflicts, it is better that they be permanently uninstalled from the computer.

Update the antivirus

If the program you have for the detection of intrusions, viruses or malware is out of date, it can lead to integrity failures in the system. Such errors lead to program crashes, and Excel can be a victim of this.

Thus, if you use Windows Defender or any other Premium antivirus, you can access the control panel of said program and update the database. This will give you the necessary tools to combat any threat.

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