Why is FaceApp Dangerous? The Controversy Over Data Theft

Data theft

Lately, there have been some security problems with the famous FaceApp application. If you are interested in knowing what those problems are, then here we explain why is FaceApp dangerous and we will tell you about the data theft controversy in which it is wrapped.

Why is FaceApp dangerous?

The famous and world-famous Russian application FaceApp, has raised a disturbing controversy about whether or not it is safe to use it. In itself, this app is designed to apply filters to the photos that we want, among which the effect to age faces in FaceApp stands out.

Although it is an application that has become a trend in recent days, FaceApp has presented certain problems that disturb the experience of many when using it. The problem lies in the security offered by the terms and Conditions of this application.

What worries many users is that with the terms and conditions of FaceApp being extremely open, developers place very little importance on the safety of their users.

Old Mark Zuckerberg with FaceApp

The famous app recompile user data that should be kept private and does not give them the opportunity to access this data. This means that the application does not comply with the European GDPR that is responsible for protecting people’s private information

What kind of private data does FaceApp store?

It is totally normal that the users of the application worry about your safety and the complete privacy of the data that they may give to FaceApp. If you are one of them, we show you what type of data this application stores:

  • Cookies: this information is recorded when entering the website, not the application.
  • Multimedia files: the images without a filter are stored in the application, since we can only obtain the already improved photo when using it.
  • Statistical data: the information which is the most and least used in the app is stored.
  • Metadata: even the smallest action, translated into structured data, is saved in the application.
  • Identifier: the application stores data that identifies our device, in order to differentiate it from other users.

We see that FaceApp, available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, does not differ much from other apps in terms of the data it stores. But the problem is that it does not give the information we give it its own privacy.

Does FaceApp really steal data?

This is one of the biggest concerns of users and, in a certain sense; We can say that the application if it takes certain data without the consent of its users. The situation is that FaceApp does not ask its users for permission to take the ID of their Android device or to access the phone number.

As we mentioned earlier, the application request these data to identify device used by the app. But the app is very clear in ensuring that it cannot ensure the security of any type of information that we transmit to the application. This can undoubtedly be a problem for FaceApp users, as they cannot be sure what will happen to the data they deliver to the app.

Although all these problems are true, the developers of FaceApp they ensure that all this data is not used for profit.

In addition, they claim that their users can feel safe using the application. They also indicate that much of this data can only be collected if you log into the app to use it, which very few people do.

If you are concerned, we tell you that there are other applications like FaceApp to change your face and add other fun filters, including videos. In fact, you can even use After Effects to make the same FaceApp video effects.

Safety when browsing and using mobiles

We encourage you to make the decision you deem appropriate when it comes to download the app. If you already have it on your mobile, in view of the above, you may want to delete FaceApp forever; you are fully entitled.

Now that you know why FaceApp is considered dangerous, we hope you decide whether or not to use this famous application.

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