Why is Fortnite Crashing? – How to fix the crash in Fortnite? – Fornite Error (Example)

Fornite is the most popular game, it is the most consumed and the most played in recent years. It performs updates from time to time, which can cause your servers to crash for a few minutes. If the game cannot be accessed for a longer period, something may be wrong. Learn how to fix the crash in Fortnite in the next tutorial.

In general, when Fortnite crashes, they are very common and easy to solve errors. In most cases you can try connection failures or from the system (there are even errors for which you do not listen and they do not listen to you in Fornite). So before thinking that all is lost, it is best to review the following list of easy solutions for the most common Fornite errors.

Fix the crash in Fortnite easy and fast

Are you having trouble playing Fornite Battle Royale? If the fashion game developed by Epic Games fails at some point, you can review this compilation of the most common errors in the game and their solution:

Update the game periodically

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Regardless of the console or device where you play Fortnite, you should always keep the latest version of the game. It is the main way to fix the crash in Fortnite.

These types of reminders are often unnecessary. However, if you have disabled automatic updates for any reason, remember that for the game to work better it is best to have the latest version installed.

Is there a glitch on the game servers?

This is a frequently asked question for Fornite players when they cannot connect to the game normally. Because sometimes the servers go down or have some failure.

red fornite error window

This usually happens when there are new updates or patches in the game. However, many times the patches require no downtime or it lasts very few minutes.

If the connection problem continues for a long period of time, it is most likely your device that has a problem with the internet connection.

In the same way, you can always go to the official page of Epic games or to Reddit to verify the source of the problem. If it is a failure in the servers you will find out quickly through these portals.

Solution to error 0 to solve the crash in Fortnite

This is a very common mistake that It happens when you try to match with other players. Don’t worry, there is a fairly simple way to fix the crash in Fortnite. What you must do to solve the error 0 is to close the Fornite application and go to the Windows start menu.

In Cortana’s search bar, type cmd. When the results appear, right click on this option and run it as administrator. When the system command window opens, enter the following command «Sfc / scannow».

blue screen and fornite logo

Run it and wait for the scan to finish. Proceed to restart your PC and try to restart the Fornite. If the error was not solved you will have to reinstall Fornite or ask the game developers for help.

Lag issues

If you are missing the games thanks to the Lag in the operation of the game, you should check the internet network in your home before accusing the Fornite servers of the problem.

To solve the crash in Fornite start with and restart the modem and router. If the problem still persists the following is check the settings within the home network.

It begins by running a speed test on the network that the game connects to. If the results are unfavorable, you will be able to verify that this is where the origin of the error that prevents your correct connection to the game is located. To expand your information on this, look for what amount of ping is the ideal to play Fornite?

And voila, with everything you read, your error should be resolved. So now you can go on to look for things about the game itself, such as tips to get free turkeys in Fortnite, or how to verify and authenticate your account.

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