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Why is Mercado Libre rejecting my payment Free Market

Purchases through Free market, They can be done in a very simple and secure way through Mercado Pago, you only select the product you want to buy and proceed to communicate with the seller, the transaction can be done by debit or credit card, but there are times when the payment is declined.

In these cases, it may be for several reasons, and in some cases it may even be due to the qualification that the seller has, this is because there are several safety rules, which if not fulfilled, can lead to the rejection of a transaction.

Why was my payment declined?

The payments that are made when buying a product, go through a series of validations, before they can be charged, and these can cause the payment to be rejected, either due to some erroneous information or a problem in your account.

One of the common mistakes is that, when filling in all the data and proceeding with the purchase, your bank rejects the transaction, causing that although Mercado Libre accepts the operation, the money is not sent and therefore everything is canceled, this is a problem that you must solve directly with the bank.

This can happen if you do not have the Internet consumption or that you have a limit in your online transactions, these claims can be made by calling the number that you have behind your credit or debit card, in case you want to cancel a purchase, you also have several options.

free market refuses payment

Another of the possible failures, that cause your payment to be rejected, is that data is missing in your account, it is recommended that you have your updated data, and that you comply with all security measures, have your Verified account it is one of the most important things for these cases.

How to verify my account in Mercado Libre?

As we said earlier, have your Verified account It can be the difference between being rejected a payment or not, since with this data, the Mercado Libre team can be completely sure that you are not a BOT, or some other person.

For this you must have your account created and go to the “account” section, then in my data, we must look for the box that says “Identity verification”, here we must fill in each and every one of the requested fields, to have the maximum level of security.

It may be the case that they ask you some identity document, like the identity card, for example, this is important that you attach it, since it is a requested document as well, in the case of password loss or that you cannot access your account by any other means.

If for any reason, your documents are rejectedPerhaps it is because they cannot be read, or the program detects a brightness problem, it is important that the image is taken from a device that has a good resolution camera, so that your data looks sharp and can be identified immediately.

Tips so that your payment is not returned

The refusal of payments in free market, most of the time they are a precaution to prevent fraud or scam, for this it is necessary that you have your updated and correct information, also that you know how to make a purchase safely.

person to whom free market refuses payment

If you keep your data up to date, and check that the bank allows the virtual consumptions, You should not have major problems when buying, keep in mind also, verify the data of the person from whom you will make the purchase, in different countries, there are agencies where you can verify documents.

Whenever you make a purchase, security is paramount, this is why you should also make use of the tracking service, which allows you to know exactly where your product is going.

When making a purchase, try to enter your information right way, as it is in the data of your account, so that there is no inconsistency and the system detects it as possible fraud, in these cases Mercado Libre always has technical support available, through mobile, landline or even By email, contact numbers are available to the public.

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