Why only a part of the cell phone’s touch works? How to Fix the Touch? What to do?

Humans have been excellent when it comes to seek new methods of transmitting information. In the beginning, humans only had books, which are tools that allow us to pass physical information through texts printed on paper. Then, with the discovery of electrical energy and all its potentials, humans began to experiment with new methods.

These new methods arose based on the response of the need for constant, immediate and permanent communication, because many times it was very important to know what was happening in one part of the world in order to have a complete panorama of the space in which we develop as a species. Initially, communication technology started with the telegraph.

This apparatus it evolved, and little by little the telephone was created. This is a device that allows people to hear each other directly when starting a conversation through these devices. We humans have perfected the telephone, and after more than a century of its creation, telephones are more available and accessible than ever, and passing information from one human to another has never been easier than today, since humans created the Smartphone.

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What are smartphones

When talking about a telephone, we are talking about a device that is connected to the wall and that has the correct interaction terminals, through which the voice and audio of the call are transmitted. Subsequently, cell phones were created, which were a portable version of the original phones. Based on human technological growth, cell phones became more advanced.

Today, Smartphone phones are the direct evolution of cell phones. These have a large number of capabilitiesranging from the ability to take photos to the ability to review today’s weather forecasts.

What components does a Smartphone have

These are a large number of hardware type parts, which when all work together allow the phone to work at 100%. These components are always on the cutting edge of technology, and they have very interesting capabilities. Using a cell phone would be completely out of reach in the event that any of these components fail. Among the most common are the processor, the phone’s graphics card, the memory card and the sound card.

But nevertheless, the most outstanding component of a Smartphone it’s your screen, as this is the main means by which the user can have an input method, which allows him to communicate with the device. For example, you can learn how to put the screen of a full application on Android. These input devices are present in all technological devices, and in computers they are represented by the Mouse and the Keyboard.

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Why does only part of the cell phone touch work? How to fix the touch?

This is a complex problem, which has a great variety of causes. These can range from the simple fact of dropping the device to the ground to short circuits that are created between the flexes that connect the screen to the motherboard. Even factory problems, so it is important that you know tricks such as how to fix the black screen of a Samsung Galaxy.

This problem is very serious, because without a screen we cannot communicate with our device. In this case, you have 3 options that you can take, which evolve in complexity with respect to the problem. In the first instance, the first thing you can do is restart your device in safe mode, since many times this problem can be caused by Malware that you have.

Secondly, you can reset the phone to factory settings, as this also makes sure to eliminate any malware you have, however, you will have to be prepared because you will lose all the information you had in that terminal.

Finally, you should consider that the problem is not one of Software but of Hardware, so one of your terminal components may be failing. In this case, and in order to avoid damage to the other components, you should take your phone to a specialized technician, who can change any component that is failing in your phone. In case it cannot be fixed, you must learn how to extract information from a phone with a broken screen.

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