Why Were Laws Established Regulating Subliminal Messages in Advertising?

Subliminal messages are elements that make up the various entities that surround human beings in their daily lives, including those advertisements that want to promote the purchase of a particular product.

This is because the ideas that are transmitted through advertisements and advertisements are responsible for deliver a message to the group viewing your content, to encourage in them a certain degree of interest or the realization of a voluntary action.

Just as subliminal messages are common within advertising, they are also common through radio and television commercials, and are even found within the famous novels, movies and series that you watch day after day.

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That is why, with the passage of time, no attempt has been made to prohibit it, but rather regulate the magnitude of the messages transmitted to people, in order to continue with the marketing of the products without overwhelming the community of spectators with impulses.

What are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are those that go below the limit of perception, that is, they are those that by means of images or objects in a film or illustration, or through ornate words either in a speech or a song they indirectly give us an idea to understand.

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Types of subliminal messages

Within the subliminal messages there are three types of ‘techniques’ that seek to discreetly influence the viewer, these are:

Subliminal messages through hidden images: These are the most common, they often appear in cartoons, films and even advertising images. It is about using outlines, silhouettes or lines strategically located in the main image, many times the message has nothing to do with the product being offered, it only seeks to generate a reaction that makes you remember it.

Subliminal messages in the environment or context: These consist of creating a situation or context around the product, without making it obvious. In order to stay in the mind of the viewer. It is common in advertising campaigns, an example of this could be a film where the protagonist states that he is thirsty and is going to buy a Coca-Cola, in the film the product label is shown, but nothing is said about it.

Through high frequency broadcasts: These are also usually presented in advertising campaigns, they consist of the emission of words or images that encourage the consumption of certain products or carry out certain activities, always indirectly so that it is recorded in the subconscious.

What are inappropriate subliminal messages?

Some consider the subliminal message a powerful form of reach the consumer’s mind, since in a certain way the indirect reaction that they produce makes it possible to remember the message in one way or another. Just as there are harmless subliminal messages such as the one that recommends you eat a certain brand of cookies or wear a certain model of sneakers.

Too there are messages that incite inappropriate behavior, substance use or radical ideologies. In some cases these messages can be found in albums of certain artists, also in cartoons, series or movies.

what are subliminal messages

Certainly today it is difficult to come across this type of harmful advertising, but there are unscrupulous people who seek to reach the consumer in this way. We could consider as an improper subliminal message one that sells us a political ideal, the consumption of harmful substances in the long term or some erratic behavior like ‘good’.

Why is the presence of these messages in advertising regulated?

As mentioned above, various trading systems have implemented the use of this product spread feature, in order to significantly improve sales.

However, by the end of 1900 the decision was made to regulate the transmission of this type of content, without the need to oppress it, so that organizations do not lose the benefit provided by it.

But, the main reason why this type of transmissions is controlled in a significant way is due to the load of influence that it can generate in young people and adults, which is potentially dangerous since the content of subliminal messages is unknown and the incitement they provoke through your advertising.

A clear example of this are the commercials of the tobacco and alcohol industries that were previously broadcast on television, which were banned in a significant number of nations, due to the constant incitement to the consumption and enjoyment of this type of drugs.

Laws that are in charge of regulating subliminal messages

From anywhere on the planet, the Federal Communications Commission takes care of evaluate content and quality of the products that are advertised through the communication networks that exist today.

Since the effectiveness with which subliminal messages work the subconscious of human beings has not currently been demonstrated, it is necessary to moderate their use, in order to avoid this type of provocation in the young population, such as children and adolescents.

subliminal advertising products

A very common use is for those organizations that advertise sweets, desserts or related snacks, since they encourage the acquisition of this type of pastry, since the commercial is responsible for provoking the appetite of those who view it.

That is why any company, company and organization that wants to implement a set of subliminal messages within the promotion of its product, should know that it can be handled sparingly and still achieve the goal of the messageBecause when you exceed the limit or make the purpose very evident, you can get legal problems.

What was the birth of subliminal messages?

Many years ago, when industries were becoming pioneering sources of income for many countries, there was one brand in particular whose sales had dropped dramatically.

Due to this, the business owner made the decision to promote the importance of the sales of his product through pleasant advertisements that were transmitted through radio and television.

What none of these viewers knew was that this merchant had designed his propaganda loaded with subliminal messages, which incited the purchase of the product that he offered them from his stores.

Due to this, several studies have been carried out that analyze the capacity of these particular messages of modify human thinking, thus leading him to carry out a specific action, task, or purchase.

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