Why won’t Badoo let me delete my account forever from my cell phone?

Today, thanks to the era of social networks, and the great interest of people in wanting to meet new friends, find a partner, or the simple fact of flirting through an internet page, has resulted in the development of a considerable amount of social apps whose purpose is to give you the opportunity to meet new people, either in the same area where you are, or from any other part of the world.

Despite the fact that for this purpose there are a large number of dating apps, such as Lovvo, Tinder, Meetic, Grindr And among many others, in this article we will focus more on an application that is of great help, if you want to meet new people, to create a friendship or a courtship, maybe Badoo may be to your liking.

What is Badoo?

Badoo is a social network that gives you the opportunity to meet peopleWhether it is to expand your social circle, find a partner, or simply to flirt on the internet, Badoo is considered a social network page where its common audience is made up of mostly young people, a large number of people sign up for her every day in order to meet and meet someone new.

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Badoo is a totally free and open website for anyone available for computers or smartphones, it has more than 330 million users offers great security and allows multiple ways for users to verify their profiles

If you are shy or do not have so much experience In this area, you can find a large number of recommendations to know how to flirt on Badoo, which can help you.

How to enter Badoo?

It is very simple, you can download the application by finding it in the play store, appstore, or if you want to directly enter its website through the browser of your choice, to register in it, they offer two alternatives, sign up with a Facebook account or you can log in only with your data. you can find a step by step on how to create a Badoo account

What happens if you block someone on Badoo?

Sometimes we run into people who to a certain extent tend to give a bad feeling, or we just no longer want to have a conversation with that person, when this happens we can use the option to block the user with whom we want to avoid talking.

When blocking a user on Badoo simply we prevent it from sending us messagesHowever, said person can continue to see our profile and vice versa, and do not worry, by blocking it, no notification will arrive that informs them that we did it.

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Why won’t Badoo let me delete my account forever from my cell phone?

The option to permanently delete your Badoo account, through your phone is possible, just download the application and follow these series of steps below:

  • When you have the application installed on your device, continue to open it in the programs menu of your terminal
  • Select option enter with mail, to be able to enter your profile with the use of email
  • Fill in the spaces that appear with your respective email or phone number and your password, then press enter
  • Locate yourself in the section of your profile, pressing person icon, which is in the lower right corner
  • Later, enter the gear icon that would be configuration
  • In this menu select the account section
  • Press the button at the bottom that says, Delete account
  • The application will give you a series of alternatives that you could do instead of deleting an account, in case you want it permanently delete, just select the last option that says delete account and then continue
  • Badoo will offer you the option to remain enrolled with a temporary free premium plan, as we want to delete the account, we will simply choose the lower option that says, no, delete account
  • The application will ask for a reason for leaving, answer your reason and select to delete account
  • And ready! you will already have permanently eliminated your Badoo account

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