Winulator, install Windows applications on Android

Almost by chance I find out, thanks to Muy Computer that a developer has developed an application that will allow you to run classic Windows games on Android, I mean classics because it will only run Windows 98 and 95 applications.

The application in question would be called Winulator And, although it is still in a very early beta phase, it already shows some hints of its potential in the video that we can see below.

It is worth mentioning that converting 32-bit applications so that they work perfectly on platforms ARM It is a complex process and even more so when we have to adapt the programs so that they are handled perfectly on touch screens.

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The emulator is not a simple DoS emulator (which already exists) but a tool that promises a lot and that would allow us to run classic Windows applications with a good performance.

At the moment we cannot test the application but its developer has promised that it will launch free versions and paid on Google Play. You can follow his steps in the following link.


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