WordPress – How to Easily Manage and Create Multisite Plugins

Many people use Wordpress to create web pages. Well this platform gives us powerful tools that adjust to our needs as designers and of course, also to the needs of our company.

However, another way to manage content through Wordpress, is using Multisite or Multisite. Well, in this way we can cover the management of more than one website from the same panel.

Similarly, WordPress has the best plugins to perform different tasks on our site. But when using a Multisite, using these can be confusing. That is why here we are going to explain how create and manage plugins Multisite or multisite in WordPress.

What is a multisite or multisite in WordPress

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There are small projects in WordPress that they only require a site for their development. These are projects whose needs are presented on a single website. Therefore, they are easier to manage your content.

However, there are also other types of projects, one that is larger and more difficult to manage. These are those with more than one site. For this, WordPress has the necessary tools for our project to run correctly.

activate plugin from main site in wordpress

That is how The Multisite or multisite in WordPress arises. Which consists of a form of management in WordPress where we can have more than one website at hand. All this with the purpose of facilitating the administration of the different sites that we have. We can even manage the plugins in a more general way and of course we also have the option to do it specifically.

Well, when before it was necessary to close session of our site and open the next one, now with Multisite or multisite in WordPress we can exchange site administration from the side panel, which offers us the possibility of traveling through the sites in a much simpler way.

This is very useful when we have a business and the sectors are in different places. Thus we can manage the sections of the online store and easily go to the information or contact section from the same WordPress panel.

Why is it necessary to manage multisite or multisite plugins in WordPress

When installing a plugin in WordPress, we have the option to activate it within the site. In this way, we can use its functions on that page. This applies to other WordPress plugins.

However, when our WordPress is a Multisite or Multisite, this process to manage the plugins is not so simple. Well, most of the people do not find a way to activate the plugins for each specific site.

activate plugin for multisite in wordpress

For example, if a site is an online store, it is necessary to have the Redsys payment button plugin. But if another of our sites is solely for publishing informational content, then this plugin will not be necessary. That is why managing the Multisite plugins becomes a key factor for the administration of our sites with WordPress

What are the advantages of activating the multisite option in WordPress?

The most important advantage is that they can be managed from a single control panel all network resources and among other advantages we have:

  • Individual site administrators can manage from the dashboard.
  • You only need to install the plugins once and you can apply for the whole network.

Learn about the benefits of a WordPress multisite

What’s more of the advantages that we have already commented in the previous point there are other 2 benefits that you might find very interesting:

  • Users will be able to make their blogs on the net and will be able to manage them.
  • Can be monetized by hosting third party sites.

What is the correct way to activate and install a WordPress multisite?

Now, you should pay attention to the steps, because despite being simple, they are usually a bit confusing. Below we show you the steps toto manage the plugins Multisite or multisite in WordPress:

To begin we must locate ourselves in our main WordPres sites. Then, we must open the Plugins section. Then we look for the plugin that we are going to install and manage on our site. It doesn’t matter if the plugin is for a single site, we will configure that later. Remember that the plugin should not be activated when the installation is finished.

working on web article writing

Now, if we activate a plugin from the main site, this plugin will be activated for all sites. Therefore, when managing a plugin from the other sites, the previous plugin cannot be deactivated.

Continuing, if we have a plugin which we are going to activate on a single site, then we must open the plugins section from this site. So we can activate and deactivate it without affecting the other sites of our WordPress.

This is how you can manage Multisite or multisite plugins in WordPress in the fastest way. So when you need a plan for all the sites, you manage it from the main site. but if it is for a specific site, it is managed from this site.

What are the best plugins to install a WordPress multisite?

Plugins provide various functions to the website and although not all are multisite compatible, we leave you some that are and will be very useful:

  • User Switching allows administrators to switch from one user to another.
  • Broadcast gives the ability to share files or publications on multiple sites from the same panel.
  • NS Cloner thanks to it we can clone sites that are within our network.
  • Inactive Logout With this we can automatically log out users who are inactive in a predetermined time.

multisite control panel

How to fix the cookie error on the multisite

Although it is not so common sometimes WordPress can point us an error in cookiesWhen it happens it is usually after migrations or domain changes, however this is not the case or you have already reviewed it and the error persists, we leave you the possible solutions to this error:

  • Review the browser cookie settings and verify that they are allowed.
  • Delete the cookies, in case the previous step did not work then deleting them can solve it.
  • Disable plugins since sometimes someone could be responsible for the error.
  • Update WordPressIn rare cases not having the latest version can cause the error.

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