WordPress Multisite: Install, Activate and Manage with These Simple Steps

There are faster and easier ways to start a web page And WordPress is one of them, nowadays there are many users who use it, in addition to having backup copies and tools that can be very useful, you just have to learn how to make a web page in WordPress.

Basically he is in charge of being a content manager and that is what is rooted in the world of the internet. In addition, one of the important data is that does not require you to have more knowledge of a programmer As this brings a fairly complete and practical system for better creation and access, it is important that WordPress is installed in Spanish.

You can give your page a unique touch, but you just have to start and design to your liking, in the world of the internet there are many tools and strategies that are currently applied. Creating quality content is a task that not everyone achieves, but if you can go learning through these tools that exist.

WordPress Multisite

Maybe you already have WordPress, but you want to add multiple sites so what you need is to activate the Multisite, basically what it allows you is create a network within WordPressThis is mostly required when you have more than one website using then you need to go to a multisite network. Best of all, you can do several sites but on a single network.

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It is a much more flexible system when creating Blogs also due to its great functions and tools. You can create websites with different content and sections on your WordPress website and thus be able to carry out the ideas you have regarding your website, here you have the necessary tools to start what you started with creativity.

Actually this is a quite popular option, you can give freedom to your creativity, imagination, and create on this site whatever you want regarding web pages, create true quality content. It is a simple process, but that you have to follow several steps first.

What is the difference between WorPress vs WordPress Multisite?

When you do a multisite WordPress installation, this will allow you to create different websites with a single WordPress installation, you can manage the network and each website you create can be independent or you can also make sites that are connected to others.

The main difference is that in WordPress multisite is that there is a ‘super administrator’ who is in charge and has all the permissions that They allow you to manage the multisite and all the websites on the network.

What can I use WordPress Multisite for?

WordPress Multisite has different uses, one of the most common is the creation of blogs or websites, It is also used for creating multilingual websites, having different domains and used for SEO in different languages.

Another common and very useful use for companies is use it for employees via intranet and that they can access the sites they need, or can share important information that only company users can have access to.

How to activate WordPress Multisite

It is important to note that this option does not come directly by default, but you have to follow some steps, the first and foremost is the installation of WordPres that it is already working, the next step toctivating the Multisite is to edit the file in the installationn, the root. To edit it you must do it through FTP, locate it and edit the wp-config.php file.

The next step is to go to the network configuration and click on tools to access the options and crear multisite.

It is important that if your website is new you must choose between subdomains or subdirectories commonly have to choose subdomains. If your site has time, you will no longer have this option to choose. The next step is edit network details.

manage the WordPress Multiste

You proceed to place the title of the network and the email of the network, when finished you click on install and the last and most important step is go back to the file you edited.

Then, you must add the lines of code that you will have in the presentation panel and paste that in the file, it is important to create a backup. If this file does not exist you can create it. This way you will have activated your Multisite in WordPress.

Also, remember that from Multisite You can also create and manage WordPress plugins in the same way as on a normal site.

How can I manage the W. Multiste?

It is important when working with WordPress multisite to know the different sites and how they can be created, their administration and your way of managing it correctly So that you have a positive experience and it is beneficial for you, below we will describe step by step how to do it:

  • When you install WordPress Multisite there must be a main site that will be your domain and is the one that will prevail over the others, from this, all the sites that you add will be secondary, they will become subdomains, they are sites that will share the original site installation.
  • To add a new site you must access the network administrator’s desktopWhen you are there, select ‘sites’ and you will find your main site, you will click on the ‘add new’ option and a new site creation panel will open for you, once there you must indicate the address of the subdomain, the title of the site, language and administrator email.
  • When you have already created the necessary sites in your WordPress Multisite you will have several options that will help you manage your sites, just you will have to access ‘site management’ in the panel and you will click on ‘edit’ and modify data, register users, change settings options or change the themes that are available.
  • In the site management panel you can also find other options such as ‘desktop’ where you will find different interface choices for installation, you will also find ‘deactivate’ to hide the public part of the site, another option in this panel is the ‘archive’, ‘spam’ and ‘delete’ that will help you manage your sites in the best possible way.

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Activate your themes In WordPress

The main thing is to access my sites and enter your website, go to my sites and go to network administrator then click on topic. The next thing would be to click on network administrator. Finally click on the word plugins, and so we are going to activate them so that serve for the other available websites that you activated with the multisite.

In Plugins we will select all and we give the option of mass actions and proceed to press apply, if it is a theme you must follow the same steps, but in activating the network you select themes. That way you will already have activate your themes and plugins on your WordPress websites.

They are tools that this one has content creation site To facilitate your work and add Popup in WordPress will give you a lot of complement in the same way.

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