Wow Aura: The Best Free World of Warcraft Server

Wow Aura is currently a free World of Warcraft server (Wow), a classic of the stature of Counter Strike Online. These two games have set the tone for many of the standards that seem so common and natural to you today. And this free World of Warcraft server is a very good alternative for those who followed Wow Core, another famous server for this game.

wow inner outstanding aura

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World of Warcraft (Wow) has had multiple versions since it was created in 1994 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) which allows players to create an avatar to explore the world of Azeroth, which has two warring factions: the Alliance and the Horde.

This game holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular game within the MMORPG category and has won several awards acknowledging the quality, popularity and reach it has achieved. Here we are going to explain everything you need to download, install and play Wow Aura.

How to download Wow Aura

For download wow aura you must follow the following steps:

  1. You must go to the official website World of Warcraft Aura and in the “Start Playing” menu choose to download Wow Aura for Windows or Mac.
  2. will open a Wow Aura Forum called “Download Center” where you can find different ways to download Wow Aura, the installation guides and the detailed information of the Realmlist Wow Aura and the «Team Speak» (which we will explain later).
  3. For Windows you can download Wow Aura via FTP, torrent or Mega.
  4. For MAC you can only download it from FTP.

While you are downloading the game, we must go to the Wow aura registry, which gives you the «confirmation code» to be able to log in to Wow Aura and play it.

wow aura ppall page

Register or log in to Wow aura

Registration and login has several steps, that are essential for the game to work:

  1. On the Aura page You must click on the «REGISTER» button., which will open a window where you must enter the email you are going to use for your Wow Aura account.
  2. You will receive an email with your next instructions and an “Activation Code”. On the website you will accept the agreements and conditions of the game and a window will open, where you must fill in the following information:
    • User:
    • Password:
    • Confirm E-mail: the same email where you received the confirmation email.
    • Activation Code: the one you received in the confirmation email.

Done, you are already a member of Wow Aura. The page opens a window where you add your username and password. A window then opens for you to enter the realm you want to belong to. This income is very important, since the kingdom you choose is your definitive kingdom. We invite you to enter the forum to make that decision. Now we continue with the installation of Wow Aura to finish the process.

wow aura three frames

How to install Wow Aura

Once the game is downloaded, you will unzip it. Then you have to change the Realmlist to Wow Aura. To do this you must:

  1. Inside the downloaded and unzipped folders go to the «DATA» folder.
  2. Find the “Realmlist” file and open it with notepad (right click on the file, open with…, choose notepad).
  3. Once the Realmlist is open, change the text to the one indicating the Wow Aura installation guide. If you are going to play in Spain you have an indication and in Latin America another. Hit save.

wow aura realm list

Ready, then you look for the icon of the executable of the game; double click and start playing. Similarly, in the Wow Aura installation guide you will find a very detailed explanation of the entire installation process, in case you have any additional questions.

wow aura executable

What is TeamSpeak?

Team Speak is an application that will help you to chat and talk with other players. It is very important that you install it. You will find all the instructions to download and use Team Speak on the main page of the game, in the “Start Playing” menu or directly in the Wow Aura Team Speak Forum.

wow aura team speak

How to play Wow Aura

We want to explain in detail what Wow Aura is so you can start playing on the right foot. The username, the faction to choose and everything you can customize in your avatar is very important from the start. We invite you again to visit the Forum and the Beginner’s Guide, where you will find very complete information on these details and the game in general. When you first log into the game, your account is activated with the «Wrath of the Lich King» expansion.. If you already played the game and want to enter or have another expansion, you can activate it from your account manager, «Change Expansion» menu.

As we already said, you will enter a world called Azeroth where there are two factions in dispute: the Alliance and the Horde. Azeroth has continents, cities, and regions. The player must explore the locations, complete quests, and fight against monsters, players, and non-playable characters (NPCs).. These NPCs are game directors and although they do not participate as a member of a team as an active player, they are the ones who indicate fundamental directions for the game sequence: missions to be accomplished, where to look for important accessories (weapons, potions, spells), etc.

You can and should also team up with other players and NPCs who help you fight, level up and get equipment, which will allow you to continue advancing in the game. These fights take place in specific places called:

  • Wow Aura Dungeons
  • Wow Aura Arenas
  • Wow Aura Battlegrounds

This game guarantees you hours of great fun. It is one of the most popular games for a reason. You will surely enjoy it a lot.


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