WPA2 can be decrypted in less than 24 hours

This year the hacker conference Defcon 20 which takes place in Las Vegas brings us a very interesting tool, long awaited by many.

Chapcrack he is able to break the security of the PPTP protocol (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) and encryption WPA2 Enterprise in less than 24 hours.

This tool exploits the vulnerability of the first authentication system MS-CHAPv2 (created by Microsoft) used in the PPTP communication protocol to implement VPNs.

ChapCrack captures network traffic under MS-CHAPv2 in PPTP and WPA2 reducing security to a encryption algorithm DES (Data Encryption Standard). This key can be decrypted in services like CloudCracker.com in less than 24 hours. To avoid being stolen, it is necessary to look for alternatives such as going to Open VPN or IPsec.

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More information in Defcon 20.


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