Xqisit XqBEAT 2.0 Review

Yesterday we were able to see the Unboxing of this magnificent product, the XqBEAT 2.0. For those of you who don’t know it, I’ll tell you that it’s a bluetooth portable speaker of great quality that has come to me from MobileFun.

In the unboxing I have told you about the features but I need to summarize them so that you can get into the subject before analyzing this magnificent device:

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with a battery of up to 5 hours of autonomy.
  • 6W power HD stereo sound thanks to its 2 speakers.
  • Passive subwoofer.
  • It incorporates a microphone and allows you to make calls.
  • Also compatible with audio input (3.5 mm jack).

Without further ado, we are going to analyze some fundamental aspects of the device and assess the result obtained after the exhaustive analysis that I have carried out.

Instructions for use and operation

The use of the device is not much different from those I already know. On the back we find a button that allows us to turn the device off or on as a switch and, once turned on, in its interface we can turn it on with the corresponding button.

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Once we have it working we have to search for it in the device’s Bluetooth (or connect the audio cable) with the password 0000. It will be ready to work and you will only have to enjoy it with the volume you want. For sync it it is not necessary to use the pairing mode of the device (you turn it on and connect it).

device interface

The device interface is divided into two sections:

  • Back (which we can see in the previous image). In this part we find the on/off switch and the connections to charge the device and to plug in the audio input.
  • Control interface that we can see in the following image.

In the photo we can see its upper control interface, we can see 6 buttons:

  • 2 to change the audio track.
  • 2 to modify the volume.
  • The button to call and take calls.
  • The button on and off.


His manual is complete and it is (in addition to other languages) in Spanish. It offers detailed instructions of the device and I have not seen any lack.

Sound and quality tests

As I always say, this is the most important section when assessing the quality of an audio device. The sound test is somewhat complicated to carry out, but specialized measuring devices are not needed to analyze the quality of this pileup.

The Veho 360 left the bell very high and I expected something different, when I turned it on for the first time I noticed a slightly lower volume than the Veho but as soon as the bass started I realized why the sound was like that, the bass is perfect . By perfect, I do not mean that they are up to the task, but rather that they sound as if they were a subwoofer offering a extremely clear sound the whole set of speakers.

Distortion does not exist in this speaker that we can put to the maximum without any concern. It does not matter if we put the Bluetooth or plug in the cable (which is not included), the quality is very good and the Bluetooth reaches quite a lot, at 20 meters from the device the device continues to work perfectly with the same quality (a problem that in the Veho if it was very noticeable when it came to distancing ourselves).

Those slots that we can see in the lower part of the product are the ones in charge of acting as bass reflex (passive subwoofer) and it is very noticeable, however, for them to work perfectly we must support it on a firm surface and not on a bed (for example).

The conversations they are a more secondary section (at least for me in this type of device) but the tests I have done have not been wasted. People have told me that the sound is heard perfectly through their microphone and I heard them perfectly better even than on the phone’s speaker.

Final assessment

What I can assure you is that, 70 euros (approximately), we have a portable speaker that will work great and liven up the best moments of any evening or event that comes to mind. Sound without any interference and a battery life that exceeds 4 hours and can reach up to 5 and a half hours of autonomy without any problem.

If you liked the purchase link is this. If you are looking for something that does not disappoint, I can assure you that it will not. If, on the other hand, you are still looking for something superior, I inform you that it has an older brother that offers an even better sound (although I do not know how it will overcome it).


  • Portable and with bluetooth connection that reaches a lot.
  • Quality / Price very good.
  • Large capacity battery that supports up to 5 hours of music.
  • Very resistant and comfortable to wear.
  • High quality stereo sound.


  • Does not include the cable to connect the audio source.

SCORE: 5/5


I have it clear, 5 points for performance since it is perfect and fulfills perfectly. I know that the price may seem a bit expensive if we are talking about a portable speaker but those who try it will realize why it costs so much since Xqisit is a good brand.

From MobileFun There is not much to say, everything has gone perfect, because of my dealings with the store and because of the amount of products that I have bought, nothing has gone wrong, everything arrives perfect in record time and at a very good price that I cannot find in other stores «reliable».

Here at the end I leave you the video with the review in which the operation and configuration of the device is better appreciated, it is not wasted. In the previous article I recommended the covers for the Sony Xperia SP but today I am going to recommend the accessories for the Xperia L that are not bad either: Sony Xperia L accessories.

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