You can now download WinRAR for Android

I have always used WinRAR on PC to manage compressed files although, early on, WinZip has been with me for a few years as well. Now, after a few years lurking, it arrives official to Android. On PC there are many alternatives to WinRAR but for Android there are rather few that complement the offer, one of the ones I have tried is AndroZip.

WinRAR comes to Android willing to catapult to the top positions in Google Play, most Apps that do this are pretty bad and include a lot of advertising, really annoying.

WinRAR for Android

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It is clear that WinRAR will be free on Android and will work with Android 4.0 or higher devices. It is designed for formats .zip or .rar but it also supports some more like .tar, .gz, .bz2, .xz, .7z, .iso and .arj. I would like to point out that it also works to repair damaged .RAR archives and will work very well with the latest generation of multi-threaded CPUs. smartphones.

The design of the application is similar to the holo interface although you can change the theme. At first glance it is very easy to use and offers several options to extract files. It also has a navigation pane which can be unlocked by swiping from the left.

At the moment the App is only available in english but its developers are already working on the translation. It has everything you need and a legendary team behind its ranks. What else do you need? You no longer have excuses not to unzip your .rar files on Android.

google play | Download WinRAR for Android


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