You can now play Flip Master online

It is rare that a new game does not appear, from time to time, on Google Play that triumphs in a silly way. We only have to look at the example of Goat Simulator to understand that it is not difficult to have a successful game on the market.

Well, a new game has arrived on Google Play and it’s a game very similar to another that was already successful in its day, Flip Diving. Flip Master is one of the latest games that has reached Google Play and today we bring you a link so you can To play online. The new Flip Master is being played to the fullest on iOS and Android, although today we will show you how to play it on PC.

flip master

Flip Master, what does it consist of?

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The dynamics is very similar to that used in other games of this type, a very repetitive dynamics and easy but at the same time it becomes complicated by the seriousness of the matter. The best thing about Flip Master is that it gets quite complicated, especially if you play it with a mouse.

All you have to do is pick up a character and jump on a trampoline to get the highest score. Its gameplay is very simple, the bad thing is that it is increasingly difficult to get a better score.

We have various characters and settings to jump, to change a bit although the mechanics will remain the same wherever we are, be it in a circus or on the initial trampoline. In addition to that there will be elements that will allow us to improve the score and that will stand between the jumps and us.

If the character falls out of bed we’re game over, that simple. It will leave many hooked trying to beat their own record as it is. The game is free and has some advertising on mobile, on the web it has no advertising, you just go to the web and play it, it’s that simple.

Play Flip Master online


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