YouTube SEO – How to put a good title, description and tags to a YouTube video

A few days ago we talked about how important content was on YouTube as the main factor for SEO but it is clear that what matters most to people regardless of content, is see his video in the top positions or as high as possible the first days and more when your channel is not yet very relevant.

And, for this to happen, the ideal is to cover well the video fields, which are 3: Title, description and tags (Although it would also be nice to upload a custom thumbnail). These 3 well-filled fields will help us to climb positions in the YouTube search engine itself and even in Google itself, so it is essential to cover them well. First of all, remember that this manual can be read in its entirety.

SEO on YouTube

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Before launching ourselves to cover these fields, we must be clear about what we want to convey with our video and what is inside it to be able to describe it correctly and not remain a simple creation. With this criterion we must establish keywords that we will try to position in search engines.

Choice of keywords – Example

In a video that we make a tutorial on how to install WhatsApp on Windows the keywords would be WhatsApp and Windows but if we want to compete better and find a more appropriate niche (because there is a lot of competition) we have to look for more specific keywords such as Install WhatsApp Windows 7, there we are already refining the search and capturing a more specific sector with less competition.

Google provides us with tools to determine correctly which keywords are and what volume they handle. One time concretized we have to correctly cover the different sections based on them.


In addition to writing a flashy title To attract users, it is important to use the keywords that we want to position without abusing them and interleaving words so that it appears naturally, in the previous example the title would be something like this.

How to install WhatsApp on Windows 7?

And, ideally, the keywords are used at the left But it is not always possible. The most irrelevant must be used last. It is important to bear in mind that if we opt for something very generic it is more likely that nobody knows us and hence the idea of ​​using long tail keywords. The maximum of 60 characters for the title.

The description of the video

In addition to creating a title, it is very important to create a good description that must meet the following characteristics:

  • If we have our own website we must include a link at the beginning and end of the description.
  • You must summarize in few sentences what the video is about (people don’t usually read much on YouTube) so it shouldn’t be much more than 10 lines.
  • Group the sentences into lines of 2 or 3 at most.
  • Naturally use the keywords a couple of times or even three throughout the description.
  • You can put links towards your social networks to inform users where they can follow you.

Note that the first two lines They are the description field that appears in Google so if you look a little you can show a good description that attracts the user (include keywords in them). You won’t waste a lot of time doing it and you will position your videos much better.

Video Tags

It is the «last» field that we have to cover but the truth is that it is the most important of all to priori. Keywords help Google understand when to show your video in search results, and in them you should include the constructions that people will make when they search for your video.

Here you can use more general or different keywords mini-titles for your video. What labels would I put for the example we have done? A group of words such as:

Install WhatsApp PC, WhatsApp on Windows, WhatsApp on Windows 7, WhatsApp on Windows 8, Install WhatsApp, How to install WhatsApp on Windows, WhatsApp Windows Tutorial or even smaller terms like WhatsApp, Windows, etc.

The labels are separated by commas and after putting all the ones I recommend, make a label be your brand like Electrorincon or the way you define yourself. There is no set limit of tags but 3 to 10 are enough, never abuse and put things that are not relevant because they will not help you.

More aspects to consider when doing SEO on YouTube

Once we have filled in these fields correctly and correctly natural form (never put Martian titles) there are a few things you might keep in mind.

Video Category

When you create a channel you must define some categories generic or specific (in case you are going to upload many videos of one thing). It is very likely that users search by theme although if they are very generic they will not help us much.

In this case I have created a category called Tutorials and it would include the video. It is important a good organization aside from SEO on YouTube so that people can quickly see what is on our channel and know if it is going to interest them.

Custom thumbnail

In certain videos you can choose a thumbnail that YouTube tracks but if we want to appear well in the search results it is interesting to create a good thumbnail with a graphic related to the content and a title that shows the most relevant of the video. It is very easy to make a miniature and the size to be used is 1280 x 720 pixels in .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or even .PNG format.

If you have done all this work well, you have part of the video positioned, now it only remains for its content to do the rest of the work for you. Please note that this article is part of a complete manual to dominate YouTube, You have the contents of the same in the Introduction article.


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