How To Change The Title Of My Blog Or Web Page On Blogger

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Blogger is a platform known for creating different types of blogs . It has a great popularity in the world because of its practical tools and simple user interface that promises to help small businesses start within the world of digital marketing so you can define a strategy to attract more customers.

How to change the title of my blog or website on Blogger

What is Blogger?

Blogger is defined as a platform in which you can create blogs and make known to the world for your ideas, company or own business. Within this platform is the key to all the various produce content for the web, such as videos and images, which must be in complete harmony with the description and title of your blog.

Usually, those blogs that are created within the Blogger platform are staying the same way by the same Google , all within a subdomain. Each Google account that is created, has allowed the creation of up to 100 blogs.

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Change the header of your blog step

The header of your blog the same as the title of it, is an important part of your page, so it is necessary to choose an image that represents what these by stream . If you find yourself not happy with that currently own, here we leave you a step by step to change without any problem:

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  1. To start and you are sure the measures which owns the space where you can image, start taking him a screenshot so you know what is the width of the blog and the image can be adjusted to the size of the header.
  2. Proceed to open the capture image in an image editor and just short in the space where the head wrath. When you create the image, just subtract upload it to Blogger . For such action should only enter the blog and within the drop-down panel place you in your options so you can choose the template.
  3. A single design time ubiques have to click on it and on the right you will see some boxes in which specify which is the place where you will put the header image.
  4. Select the correct box and press OK to apply everything to your page.
  5. And ready, and will set everything related to the head and how you show to your users

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    How to change the title of my blog on Blogger?

    It is possible that the way you started the blog has changed fairly significantly or marketing issues, you need to make a change or adjustment and therefore change from directly . Even if you think this is a complicated task, not just enough for you to do the following steps and everything will be completely ready:

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    1. begins accessing your blog. At this point it is important that already have predesigned what will be the new title of the same, and that in turn be consistent with the description of the your page , so that any problems or confusion and do not exist between users.
    2. Go to the section Settings you can find at the top right and then waits for you to throw it all available options.
    3. After this general section that is in the middle of the page, press the option you locate yourself on the header part.
    4. There can make all changes regarding the presentation and first impression of your blog.
    5. Once’ve completed all changes and setting you want to do, just press Apply and everything will be ready to make your blog show with a stunning new design and presentation.
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