How To Upload A File Or Word Document To A Web Page Or Blog In Blogger?

upload document to website

Upload a file or Word document to Blogger is a task that few people know play, perhaps by novice or inexperienced.

Still, it’s as simple as upload a file or PowerPoint presentation and < a href = ""> upload a PDF file to a Blogger blog.

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How to upload a file or Word document to a web page or blog on Blogger

Part of this is because very little has been heard from the platform in the digital area networks or even many Internet users are unaware of their existence.

But it is a service excellent for creating and managing websites or blogs in a practical and bold , whenever you learn how to use it.

That is why, upload a file from not understand Blogger major task to understand certain tricks that allow achieve successfully.

What is Blogger?

Blogger Google is an integrated service which, as he said, can create a website and manage blogs or websites. This tool has proven quite useful for bloggers and small businesses that require a practical way to create your pages and encouraged.

In this sense, it supports a total of 100 sites per account, they acquire the subdomain “ “, which are hosted by the same Google.

What is special about this service is that users have the ability to create different blogs on many topics free .

Upload a file or Word document using Google Drive on Blogger

First, you should log in to Google account linked to the Blogger services and Drive to proceed.

From here, you should enter the administration section pages (Blogger) in which you will see the latest entries of the selected site.

 person with clock and laptop animated

The same will look a bit like the Gmail, because it is the same structure using Google for all tools.

Change your blog or website

So, you must select the blog to which you need to upload a file or document Word to Blogger . This option is located on the top left of the page.

The name of the site you have selected accompanied by a small arrow pointing down will be seen.

In this section

In the press there, allow you to observe all blogs linked to the account , among which must choose the desired clicking.

Upload files from Drive

To continue, you must create a new tab in the browser and in it, the tool storage Google Drive will open. This can be found in the page of the search in the Utility menu which is represented by a dotted box

In this way, it will select the desired option and send us the Drive section of where all files are stored user.

To upload a file or Word document in Blogger, you must first be done from this page by clicking the “ More ” symbol in the upper left.

Then, only the file is located inside the computer or the computer and choose it, you just have to wait for it to load and up to the cloud.

 computer website

Share the Word document

Once uploaded the file, the following is selected in right click and give the option that says “ Share “. In doing so, a new window in which there will be a settings button “ Advanced ” that must be pressed to continue appears.

Now, it is important to change the privacy settings “ Private ” to “ On: public on the web ” from the “ Change “.

In addition, you must copy the address in the field “ Link to share “and then press” Done “to complete. Consistently we went to the Blogger and is selected in “ New entry “, which will redirect the page to another paragraph.

At the same name will be written in the section “ Input “. Also, a keyword on the sheet of text and a hyperlink it is created with the “ Link


Finally, in the table shown below is pasted above the copied address. “ OK ” and then “ Publish “.

is selected

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