How To Prevent And Protect My Browser Against Clickjacking Attacks

The Internet is a double-edged sword. It can be a great tool, but if you do not use properly, can harm us. This time we focus on the latter and Comment type of attack often used by malicious individuals. Then we’ll show you How to prevent and protect your browser against attacks Clickjacking .

What is clickjacking attacks?

Clickjacking also known as sequestration name click iframe overlay or compensation for the attack UI. We can define Clickjacking attack and malicious technical implementing cyber criminals to convince their victims to click on a link or URL button that appears harmless and safe; but the reality is that it is malicious code.

When users click on these links or buttons that appear harmless, open the doors of their computers hackers to steal personal information, install malicious software or even take control of the equipment. Even some do it to steal “I like” on social networks.

Clickjacking works as follows: the attacker creates a fake website or use pages vulnerable; incorporate a transparent frame under a link, button, or a legitimate page. Then, when the user clicks on this element that seems certain that the iframe embedded by the hacker is running on the computer and opens the door to all confidential information.

 mobile hacking person

For example, if you enter a website and once a publication that says if you click here earn a lot of money, the attacker a hidden button is aligned with the real button. When you click this button, clicking on the invisible button, the hacker will start acting on your device.

Cyber ​​criminals can also use social media to add malicious code on their most popular buttons, like those of “Like” on Facebook and Instagram. Although this attack may seem harmless can also be used for more lethal and take full control of your team.

This type of attack is difficult to detect because the hacker is responsible for disguising their malicious code as a legitimate part of a website; also takes advantage of the curiosity of human weakness and the desire to get free stuff to fool.

How to prevent and protect against the Clickjacking my browser attacks

  1. The main users of measures to prevent this attack is to use judgment and exercise caution when using the Internet. This is important because the cyber attackers are worth the ingenuity of their victims and human weakness to perform actions unconsciously.
  2. Do not click on suspicious links or offers that seem very interesting as they may be a hoax. This type of threat is one of the many dangers in social networks .
  3. Use the browser recognized for their safety, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera; and update it frequently.  clickjacking binary background
  4. Install in your browser extensions to complete. Among them are NoScripr or NotScript handle this block or section pages those considered dangerous.
  5. Install virus protection on your computer and browser mantelos updated avoid vulnerability in the system. If you do not know what to download, you can check the list we made with the best free antivirus and pay for PC.
  6. Be careful with pages that use a property pointer; because they can show a false pointer that serves the victim to click on the wrong buttons.
  7. It is also advisable to set up a manually navigation model in order that iframes have a dark background and transparent elements prevent hackers placed on genuine web pages.
  8. Configure and improves the security of your Firefox browser , Chrome, Opera or any other use.
  9. your browser JavaScript Disables or specific plugins, which are functions   automatic with a certain vulnerability.

Avoid being victims of unscrupulous people who swarm over the Internet by taking steps to protect your device browser and mail. Do not ever think that you will not be victims of these cyber criminals always use caution and judgment when using the Internet.

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