How To Make A Full Backup Of My Firefox Profile

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Have you ever wondered if you can keep your information in Mozilla Firefox ?, It is the second most used browser worldwide. Since the above is programmed with open source and you can navigate with certain virtues that other browsers do not.

Some updates have made it easy browser and provide more options that the benefits to the user, so it makes make a backup of our information synchronized with synchronization. This allows us to recover if this failure Mozilla Firefox.

Based on the importance of backups represent, have made this article. To explain in simple and clear steps to create a backup Mozilla Firefox.

What is the backup we Mozilla Firefox?

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Have you succeeded in your computer important information deleted, often when we use our team can accidentally delete our data ?; so that passwords, bookmarks and extensions that are fundamental;   will not be on our team.

Therefore, necessary to return security never loses data . Since in case of loss, the profile is completely erased and if it is complicated set of new, serious mistake if the knowledge we are able to maintain and be lost for good.

How to create an account on Mozilla Firefox Sync?

 Create an account on Mozilla Sync

Sync is an application (client-server) used in Firefox, with the target help access to brand – pages, the browsing history, passwords, and preferences. Which in its new version a single user account and password is required to enter.

To create an account from Firefox in a simple, enough to have opened the browser, go to the account icon in the tool bar & gt; Start & gt; Complete the form & gt; I between mail and clicking on the link & gt; Icon account to expand the menu & gt; and do click Synchronize .

After performing the steps above – is important to understand the user and the Password , so Mozilla Firefox synchronization with other devices, making take care the browser from the rest, it is important that synchronization notes the accounts are not automatically saved data.

Steps for finding your profile folder

The process that is required for a backup Mozilla Firefox and therefore never lose the data stored in the synchronization extremely easy synchronization. And more   location of the profile folder, and we’ll just go to the next road.

Menu & gt; Help & gt; troubleshooting information (which will open a new window) & gt; The basic configuration of the application and click where it says profile folder on the display case. This will allow access to this folder from the directory.

The steps to perform a full backup of your profile in Mozilla Firefox

 full backup Firefox

To perform a full backup in Mozilla Firefox and so your data is stored without being lost, it is necessary to do these simple steps: you must do first is locate the folder on your profile and copy to another location.

locate the folder by typing in the menu path: (% APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/~/.mozilla/firefox/ ), left click pressed, copy and access security location where again the left mouse button to select Paste.

It is important to have knowledge of this information, as it provides protection to our data stored and makes us recover if lost for different reasons. It is therefore essential that they be shared as much as possible among users who use this browser.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we like to know your opinion, you were able to perform a full backup of your profile in Mozilla Firefox? Do you know another way to perform this type of backup? Leave your answers in the comments.

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