Changing The Homepage In New Windows In Firefox Quantum

enabled browsers Internet use have a default for each of their shares system, if you want to modify and change the homepage in new windows, here you will learn how.

The overall design of the new tabs displays the home page of the browser along with other options like highlighted pages , markers, among others.

How to Change the Home Page in new windows in Firefox Quantum

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Sometimes this default setting can be altered by the installation and use of any extension who acquired our permission to do so.

If you do not know if you’ve done this procedure or just want to change the default browser style, here you will find how. Before starting we recommend you upgrade your latest Mozilla FireFox browser or Quantum FireFox

Learn to change the homepage in new browser windows Mozilla

Quantum Firefox is a very popular version of Mozilla browsers has created new tools to improve Internet experience.

The important aspect is the respect for speeds your network provides, without creating background tasks that slow capacity use.

In the same way, this browser always tries to meet the needs of users , which makes it one of the favorites for the Internet community.

If you want to set the content every time you open a tab, you should know that the process is very simple and are only three simple steps you need to perform within the program.

When you are inside the browser, find the icon « Menu » to click on it, and the selected deployed « Options «.

 firefox logo quamtum to colors

Another way to access this point is making the keyboard shortcut « Alt + T » and you click « Options «.

On your screen will show a window with different tabs; where is named « Home » in which you enter the central panel to configure these options.

To change your homepage in new windows and simply start the browser; Access the option « Homepage and new windows »

At this point can select the content that will appear on new tabs open; either between the options « Start Firefox «, use « custom URL » or « Blank Page

Applying this change, you’ll see settings you’ve set will be displayed every time you open a new window.

Whether you want to customize your home page should also know that you can add pages also highlights can remove the section highlighted.

What can you do if an extension has modified the configuration of the new tab in your browser Firefox Quantum?

Because extensions are add-ons that are installed and used by the user within the program, this can change some settings of the same.

You have two ways to change the home page in new windows they are added while using the browser:

Try disabling the extension installed

As a user you have the ability to visualize what plugins that are used in the program and identify which one has made changes in it are.

Deactivate these installations entering the icon « Menu » and click on the button « Options » to enter the section « Panel Home «.

 firefox icon color

Read all options and you see that under « New windows and tabs » will indicate whether there is any extension that has changed the configuration you had established on the homepage or new tabs in Firefox Quantum.

To deactivate the plugin you just have to press on the button « Disable extension » and click on « Save Changes » to return to your initial setup.

Eliminates extension

On the other hand if you want to simply delete the plugin that you have modified your browser, you must perform the same procedure to access the icon « Menu «, but this time clicking « Extensions «.

When you find one who is changing the home page of your tab; tap the three points shown on the name and press on « Delete «.

If you want to learn how to use Firefox Quantum options should also like clear the cache and cookies from browsing history. Whatever may be the browser you use, whether Mozilla, I operate or Chrome we recommend that you avoid your browser is able to track your Internet activity.

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