How To Make Cortana Look In Google Chrome Or Firefox – Easy And Fast


Unlike Cortana, Microsoft Edge is not widely used. To encourage its use, the company has set his assistant at the Edge use as the default browser. If instead you want to use your favorite browser, in this article, we’ll show you How Cortana appear in Google Chrome or Firefox quickly and easily .

How Cortana appear in Google Chrome or Firefox

First you make one of these browsers is your program Search default Internet ; To do this, follow these simple steps, but if you’ve already done before skip this part:

  1. Enter the ‘Settings’ Windows; can do it from the “Start” menu by clicking the icon or the nut of writing “Settings” in the search bar and select the first result.
  2. Enter the default application section; depending on the version of your OS, click “System” then “Default Applications” or ” applications” then “Default Applications”.
  3. Scroll interface to find an option that says “Web Browser”; chances are the place, say “Microsoft Edge” as the default browser.
  4. Click “Choose an application” and select the browser you want as the default program for web search.

 Chrome vs Edge

With this configuration, each time you open a link from a Windows application, the browser that will be used is the one you have chosen. However, Cortana continue to look into Edge.

To resolve this issue need to download a third party application called EdgeDeflector Cortana will force you to respect your search preferences. After downloading and installing the program do the following:

  1. Open Cortana and search using the keyboard; you can write anything you can think of, but be sure to click on a result that says “Show web results” .
  2. By clicking on the above table, open a new window where you will ask what you want to use the app to search. Select the application “EdgeDeflector” then check the box that says ” always use this application”; Finally, press “OK.”

After this, all the research you do Cortana will open in the browser that you set as the default program , including voice searches.

However, it is important to know that you have made this change can be lost with a major update to Windows. If this happens, again only performs the steps described above.

How to make Cortana search with Google instead of Bing

 Google vs Bing

However, in some cases, your default browser search engine is modified to Bing , therefore Cortana using your favorite browser, but with the Microsoft search engine. If this happens you can Cortana suits your preferences and use Google as a search engine.

In Google Chrome

A browser using Google, can change the default search engine the traditional way. If the problem persists, must find and install an extension called Chrome Chrometana .

When installed, you simply configure it by clicking on it and selecting the option “Settings”. Once there, you can choose between several search engines, including Google. Then select it and restart your browser, then you can already use Cortana normally.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox, click the three dots in the top right corner of the interface and click “Options.” Then scroll to the “Search” box select “Default Search” and finally click “Google”.

Whatever application you are using, after setting this parameter, you Cortana you search using the browser you prefer and your favorite search engine.

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