Clearing The Cache And Cookies From Browsing History Of A Page Firefox Quantum

 Clear the Cache and Cookies browsing history of a page Quantum Firefox

The internet has become a truly valuable resource. The possibility of navigate the sea of ​​information through the various interfaces, provide users with an infinite range of options available on the web.

All we’ve ever wanted to experience the feeling of having a considerate number of pages and open tabs, and, at the time of sailing, does not exist any delays in loading speed or collapse of the computer and thus can faster loading of web pages in your browser .

Clearing your cache and cookies Browsing History a Page Firefox Quantum

However, the possibility of this happening is high. To do this, each browser offers you the option to delete items that although help the loading of some pages recalling images and other data types take up storage space on your hard drive.

Firefox Quantum

If speed is this new version of Firefox offers twice the speed when surfing the web. Updating this browser, enliven your browsing experience using less memory and thus improves the performance of your computer.

 Firefox Quantum

His amazing modern and friendly interface, you can give your personal touch to the toolbar, and offers more than sixty search engines in several languages.

The speed and rate of Firefox Quantum , harmonizes experience prioritizing your needs and making more comfortable the way you surf the Internet.

cache and cookies?

This is a series of elements responsible for configurations on websites. Its objective is based on recall with some help from your algorithms, data and access to pages , downloading images so you do not have to be reloaded if you return to them.

These elements allow you to save data and improve the browsing experience for speed. However, it will store personal information and create a space where you can learn your browsing habits, allowing third parties to send personalized information.

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The cache and cookies, occupy space on the hard drive of the computer, slowing its operation and reducing the storage capacity. Imagine how fast you can run out your memory if you browse millions of pages every month.

Removing Items

Discard cache and cookies of the Firefox browser Quantum is a really simple process. You only need to follow these steps so simple and free up storage space on your computer:

  1. Locate the icon three horizontal stripes, located on the top left of the browser.
  2. Next, a menu will be displayed with a number of options from which to find “ Options ” which will allow you to display the menu of the browser.
  3. Once selected, you must click on the option “ Privacy & Security ” located in the left column of the menu.
  4. Locates in the “ cookies and site data ” and then click the option “ Clear data
  5. A window will open with a series of options where you must select “ Cookies and cache web content
  6. pressed both options, select “ Clear ” to delete items from the browser.
  7. Done! You have eliminated and released storage space on your computer.
  8.  Removing pages elements

    Another more direct option, is using the keyboard shortcuts in your computer. You can save time and will realize the same function. To carry it out you must follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your browser.
    2. Press the following key combination at the same time “ Ctrl + Shift + Delete “.
    3. A window will pop up with options to remove the navigation data.
    4. select “ cookies and cache web content “.
    5. Click clean.
    6. And voila! Complete the process of removing data with a simple combination.
    7. What happens to the delete this information?

      A the delete cookies and cache, will disappear a few settings on the websites that have frequented. Data and logins accounts will be deleted and must be started again.

      slow loading of some sites on the web, as certain content must be recharged, making the process a little slower, depending on the speed of descent to submit your connection.

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