How To Download The Latest Version Of Opera Neon Pc -Step By Step

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Opera is a Web browser that offers free internet, this browser is available for Windows and OS X platforms, Opera Neon is indeed the result of improvements made to the classic browser which had already been previously established in the internet industry, which it does best web browsers 2020.

Neon Opera was a proposal developed over three years ago by a manufacturer of Norwegian origin who designed and sold the idea to a Chinese consortium, the current owner of Opera, these were responsible for patenting the idea.

The browser has proposed a change in the way in which people access daily Internet with the implementation of new tools and design features that handling it more practical to personalizar and change the topic in the web browser Opera

How to download the latest version of Opera Neon PC

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If you users who use daily browser and want to have access to the latest updates, today we show you how to download the new improved version Opera Neon.

To start you enter the tab your Opera browser, it is worth noting that if your default browser is not Opera You can log in from any other .

Let’s put Neon Opera browser and enter your Official Site . In entering you will be taken directly to the home page of the browser where the download option is available. You can enter through other channels search. But for practical purposes to use this medium is simpler.

Once You enter the main page click on the icon rectangular color blue “Download Now” . At the end of the process must download to installation.

On the main screen of your computer must file shortcut “OperaNeonSetup” appear with the name. You must click on the right mouse button and select the option. “Run as administrator”

will appear a window or interface with the question: Neon Opera tour is not default browser ? This means that if you want to select Opera as default browser and you must choose the positive option “Set as default” . From this moment you will start enjoying your browser Opera Neon. can also simply upgrade to the latest version of the Opera browser.

New features in Opera Neon

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Opera Neon is available for both platforms Mac and Windows . Offers a different perspective to the page common navigation, adapting to the bottom of your computer screen, Clearly, if a proposal would have designed two funds inspired by the theme Neon.

The new version of the browser has given life to the tab navigation, since the click on objects or images they move as if they had life of its own, which makes the search more interactive .

Opera Neon has provided an integrated tool with which you can download images and multimedia files and these will be redirected and saved automatically to a folder you will have access whenever they want.

In addition, if necessary perform some searches and the same time want to play a video, you can do with videos popup. The navigation system describes each web page that has been lately with a descriptive image so you find and enjoy your content is much faster.

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“split tab” , you can interact on two websites at the same time, without having to constantly enter and re-enter.

The new Opera version arises from the need to make improvements to the platform that had previously offered, this new update offers perspective more fresh and fun , with a search engine much faster and compatible.

There is still some points to be improved, such as blocking pop tabs (ad blocking). But new updates offer proposals for a complete navigation system.

Finally hope this article has been to his liking, however we would like to know, do you consider a good browser Opera? Neon Opera browser can be best now? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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