How Easily Import Passwords From Firefox To Chrome Or Edge

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The world of sailing has been a very important development, thus achieving to record important data regularly use when we access the internet. For example, the users and passwords ; saving us a lot of time.

Although sometimes when accessing so often in places where passwords are stored and therefore did not use it, we tend to forget them; and to remember passwords is complicated. That’s why there is a method of move the saved data to other browsers.

Importing Passwords Easily Firefox to Chrome or Edge

What are browsers?

Browsers are those tools that make recognition of all files of a page , so that we can easily view it. There are a lot of browsers among which there are three main protruding above the other, being the best 2020 web browsers.

And these are relevant Mozilla Firefox which represents the best among developed by open source and you can download and install completely free . There is also the Google Chrome that is developed by the Google company and has several very good tools, and finally there is the Edge that is the improved version of the Explorer.

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There are other browsers such as Safari Apple, Opera, Maxthon, Flock and many others. Although these are not as well known; and some have a very big difference in terms of speed and efficiency openings pages, and consuming browsers less resources.

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Where password is stored in the browser?

The database where the passwords are saved to a different location depending on the browser. For example, Google Chrome there is an encrypted file which is called “Login Data” and is accessed through the user folder in the browser.

For Mozilla Firefox , the file that stores passwords is called “signons.sqlite” and the like in Chrome access is through user folder, now for the browser Edge change a bit the process, and this is because Microsoft Edge saves passwords within the same operating system, is more complex. All the above are the best internet browsers .

What sites are regularly saved passwords?

There are a lot of sites using a registration system and user access, starting with social networks. Since the purpose of these is that each person has his particular user and can make use of the network under the profile registered, knowing and sharing with others registered.

Although there are also other platforms using users, the pages cloud service for example, this in order that each user has their files and share it with those who want, and there many other sites to which we see when accessing the system users.

How easily import passwords from Firefox to Chrome or Edge?

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The process easier is to make the file of data is Support for other browsers , so that you just have to download a program called PasswordFox , with which we can access all the keys that are registered in the Firefox browser.

Then, to corroborate that are passwords that you wish to save, select them all and we click the option save them in a file or file HTML . Which we must keep in a place to remember easily.

After having the HTML file onscreen select it with left click, and select the option “open with” . Then select the pop-up interface browser and ready; remain saved passwords in the browser you’ve selected.

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This is a great tool for people who use most often saved passwords, and forget the keys, usually these people do not share their computer and make exclusive use of them, and that is to be neglectful of the importance of the saved key.

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