How You Search By Voice In The Mozilla Firefox Browser

One of the fundamental tools of computers href = “”> are now, web browsers, they can perform various searches Internet to find pages alternative interest to us in terms of   entertainment world


One of the fastest Mozilla, which recently I make a important announcement. This announcement opened a beta version of its Firefox voice, which is designed to combine the various controls of the browser, which are also controlled by the voice experience.

This can be achieved through an extension, which will be exclusively available to install in their desktop versions, both for Windows , Mac and even Linux.

Users who are interested can access this beta function without any problems since the first manaera you must have installed web browser. Similarly, the only limitation of this action is that the extension, available only in English.

firefox voice presentation

How to enter the voice search Firefox

If this problem is all pretty intrigued you want to try the steps are very simple. To begin, you must enter the official website of Firefox to learn more about this initiative.

A’ve ever read on the extent and known all the terms of use and details of the same, just subtract that ubiques the corresponding extension in the to join beta installation.

Once you begin the installation, the same program will demand certain permits, which will voice recordings. These records are used solely to perform various surveys Mozilla .

However, you can refuse these permissions if you feel like a invasion of your Privacy . Just note that these permissions allow the company to learn a little darker your activity and thus to anticipate the various actions and thus offer better services.

The Firefox voice system is supported by Google Cloud with which they maintain a confidentiality agreement in which both companies agreed not to record voice commands that are sent by users in the web browser.

Firefox Home

As part of the trial test pilot

To access the new features of Firefox installation is the driver of expansion test, which can use various applications and new features that will provide the application over time.

In this way, we try voice search, which usually works with several pages that are in early research. For this, we call pages like Google and Yahoo, whose main task. Search

However, the tool for downloading files, requires no additional extension because it will allow you to send money from any file until 1 GB .

This can be used without any limits, and is also a browser independent action and greatly assist in various tasks and actions with Browser .

The way this function tool is encrypted all the files once they – are downloaded, so it is easy discharge, which can also be shared.

When these files are shared, they are deleted after completing the download or alternatively, after spending more than 24 hours.   This new concept and research Voice sent by browsing, became a revolutionary idea, that also seeks to help various tasks throughout the day. Just subtract as you dare try.

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