How To Disable Or Remove Section Highlights New Tab In Firefox Quantum

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Sometimes change section highlights new tab of the browser sounds usually be a simple solution if we want to eliminate it; or simply change the content that appears on it constantly.

Whether by the desire to hide its content or change pages illustrated in the Highlights section is subject to changes permitted by Firefox Quantum . It may be of interest to know that . can also be changed

How to deactivate or delete Section Highlights of the New Tab Firefox Quantum

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Although this is an option enabled from the start of the versions of Mozilla browsers; Over time Firefox only finds ways to improve its content.

Make the change is very simple to achieve through the Firefox settings Quantum , and here we’ll show you the steps to do so.

Learn how to disable Highlights section of the new tab on your browser

Quantum Firefox really is not the only browser that displays the content recurrent favorite newly searched and the user makes within it.

The Mozilla difference is that the new tabs has changed the interface and features sections featured favorite sites to display pages.

If you want to eliminate outstanding option because you are not the only user who uses the browser and want to keep your privacy, do the following:

Enter a Firefox Quantum and opens a new tab (where these sections are shown) to display the icon shaped gear on the top right allows « Customize the New Tab page «.

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Due to the new interface that has created this new version of Mozilla, a new menu will appear where you can uncheck the « Highlights «.

In this way you can completely remove this section; of future new tabs open you get during your use of the browser.

Note that through this method also can eliminate any other sections that are deployed; in the same way it does featured on the home page as search boxes or code snippets .

The feature has been enabled for those people that the degree of privacy of its contents are taken seriously; and to modify the aesthetics of Quantum Firefox to your liking.

What should you do if you just want to remove a site from your section highlights?

As with the previous method, you need to open the browser and the new tab to access the series of landmarks that are displayed.

As you move the cursor of your mouse on all the pages displayed there, place it on top of the website you want to delete to display it at the top of an icon three recognized points as « Menu «.

After clicking on it, a small window where you can press options on indicating « Ignore » will be displayed.

And in this simple way, you will achieve that page no longer appears in the Highlights section every time you open a new window in your browser.

Another simple option is to press on « Remove from history » to avoid constantly appear in your recurring sites.

Possible solutions and changes to the new tab

This method serves many other solutions that edit or delete section highlights new tab in Mozilla.

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Among these other options is the possibility of moving the arrangement of sections; which you can also be modified through the « Menu » three points which we discussed above.

Also through these points you can modify common sites to add or remove any that appear in the section.

Finally from these examples, plasma mouse cursor over the page you want to set in your new tabs to serve as quick access to it.

Keep your safe navigation is of great importance for the security of your personal data, so it is advisable to avoid whatever browser you use this track you can . You can also use another tool like clear cache and cookies .

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