How To Surf Anonymously On The Internet Using Tor Browser?

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Today navigation is an important factor in the everyday life of people, through it can be made buy and study items as food. That’s why, that very soon the time will come that through it do all the activities of our lives.

Something very similar to those science fiction stories where humans practically do nothing and those who are responsible for making all robots. The fact is, that navigation has become a little rough, but there are methods such as anonymous browsing with which we can protect ourselves.

Because of this the intent of this article is to let you know serves to navigate incognito mode . and also using a very useful tool as it is Tor Browser

What is surf anonymously on the Internet?

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The navigation anonymity The main function of protecting our privacy. Even in some cases, can protect us from agents malware, but this happens only rarely, since by Yes, that’s what antivirus, there are even anonymous browsers to navigate the web.

So, some people will say “that can happen to us if we are through a computer” , grave error that can not be taken lightly. There are many people in the world whose job is kidnapping and murder, and at times can be vulnerable against these dangers.

What is the difference to browse normally and anonymously?

The difference between surfing anonymously normally and is huge, there is several factors involved . Although primarily the difference is that people do not surf anonymously until they want to hide something, whether your IP address carefully, or simply not generate a record.

In any case, always is best surf anonymously , because although not really need, we will always have the privacy factor to protect our interests, and as some sages say “is better safe than sorry. “

What tools allows an anonymous surfing?

The main and most famous anonymous surfing tool is the incognito that can be activated in most browsers. The small detail is that this not really hidden all our data. It just works to hide the history and avoid the so-called ” cookies” .

Cookies are tools that are installed on the computer and then broadcast relevant information about the pages visited by the user. Among other camouflage tools they are known “VPN” , which are intended to replace our IP by others in foreign countries.

What is Tor Browser?

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Tor Browser is a project through which is developing technology anonymity and privacy unusual to others. Since the language under which it is developing is open source, which means that no cost whatsoever on its standard use.

There has been a lot of confusion with the project because its technology belongs to the darknet users or their dark Spanish translation network name that is very similar to the deep web or deep red. Therefore, some new users make the mistake of thinking that the project is danger.

How to surf anonymously on the Internet using Tor Browser?

Since Tor Browser also functions as a browser, the first thing we do is look for the official website of the program, and then download the compressed file. download and install the same as any other Windows program with free software.

The eradicates problem that we can not instantly access the internet through the browser, we must open the “Start Tor Browser” program which shall connect automatically with your browser. When the connection is complete, we can go normally and anonymously to the network.

Why there is enough to download this type of program, but Tor browser is among the best options you can choose, since by its characteristic open source will have an efficient program result of the work of many engineers after the same purpose.

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