How To View And Manage My Saved Passwords In Microsoft Edge

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This article will show you how to view and manage your passwords stored in Microsoft Edge. In addition, the end will give you a technique for creating secure passwords easy to remember. But first, we recommend Microsoft board upgrade to the latest version .

view and manage my words password saved in Microsoft ridge

How to view and manage your passwords stored in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge stores passwords in a manner similar to other browsers. Therefore, the process of managing them is equally simple . If you only want to enable or disable the automatic recording your passwords, you can go to the first subtitle. Click here for the full list of passwords and edit or delete your data, you can move to the second subtitle.

How edge recording or stop saving your passwords

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge, click the icon for the browser menu at the top right and select “Settings” from the list that appears.
  2. Click the “Show advanced settings. “By doing this, you will have access to a panel where more detailed information on all aspects of the browser is displayed.
  3. Find the “Privacy and services”. Enable the “Providing the ability to save passwords” if you want the browser to store your passwords . Otherwise, be sure to disable this option.

If you have enabled this option, each time you enter a password on a Web page, Microsoft Egde ask permission to keep it. If you do not want to save the password for a particular Web page but other , simply click the “Cancel” option or “never” when board asks if you want to save the word past.

How to view and delete the passwords you have saved Edge

There are two ways or paths for see all the passwords stored in your browser ; The first is the Windows administrator credentials and the second is in the same browser. For the first do the following:

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  1. Enter the word ” credentials” in the Windows search box and select the first option that appears.
  2. Once there, go to the “Web Identification Information” section.
  3. Select and click the “Show”. Then, enter the administrator password and select to view the password “OK”. If you want to remove this site from the list of references click “Delete.”

You can also perform this same process from the browser. To do this, open the Microsoft Edge application and do the following:

  1. Enter the menu and select ” advanced Settings” at the bottom of the window. Go to the section and select “Manage Passwords” “Privacy and services” where all the keys stored by Edge appear.
  2. To remove a password, click the “X” that is on the side of the selected option. Conversely, if you want to change your password, fill in their respective field and click again on “Save”.

You can repeat the process as often as you need to view and manage all your passwords. This way you will have everything well organized and will give the browser information you want.

Another aspect is that you can customize the search engine. In fact, if you wish, you can change the Bing search engine Google in Microsoft chrome edge.

Use this technique to create more secure passwords

 Strong Password

Today, much of our information is stored in the cloud, so we use passwords to protect. Now if we want to keep our sheltered data, it is best use a safe and easy place to remember .

On the Internet there are many managers very secure passwords for Windows . These applications automate third process; create and save key for you. However, as not everyone can afford something like, here we show you a technique that will help you create strong passwords for you .

is to think of a sentence at random, for example: I sit on a chair. For the key you will use the first letter of each word in this case: eseus. Then you bring capital letters you prefer. ESeuS

Then you add symbols and numbers; They can be something meaningful for you to remember: $$ eSeuS 2020. Given the other, this password will be meaningless, but you say a lot , you can use phrases like “I love my mother” and add numbers and symbols like dates you like. After that, check the security of your password.

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