What Is The Strategic Development Of Marketing And How To Apply It In Business?


Currently it is common to get in many parts of the reference to the market or marketing, which is usually related to the business . So if you want to know is Marketing and strategic development as its main function in a company, here we will explain.

What is the Strategic Development Marketing and how to apply in companies?

What is marketing?

or translated as marketing Marketing is the art study and investigate, establish and provide value for meet the needs of a specific market . Marketing can identify needs, define quantized so the size of the identified market and profit potential that exists.

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In short marketing is a c onjunto strategies, technical and operational with goal, add value to certain brands or products. This accomplishes a specific purpose, and that greater emphasis for public and consumers in the commercial area determined.

What it is the strategic development of Marketing?

The strategic marketing marketing perspective that focuses on the short-, medium- and long-term. Expounds the idea of ​​the study, development and implementation of actions that are not limited to current demands, but meet future needs.

marketing strategic analysis

In other words the development of the marketing is based on the axis of the , but only when we define all stages of the process we understand the importance of it. Modern marketing has adopted more advanced forms in areas that together become a discipline that could cause confusion.

Strategic Planning Business

marketing planning is a part of strategic planning of a company which aims to develop action programs. These schemes are set and materialize in the marketing plan and its formulation, implementation and management of the area in the company.

Development of business strategy

The method of formulating marketing strategy can be summed up in three key areas for the company to achieve its goal.

& nbsp;

  • Where are we?
  • To get where we want?
  • How do we get there?

It is important to answer these three questions, such as the former is to apply an analysis , the second the objectives and finally the development strategies.

Strategic Analysis

This factor should be taken into account the following aspects, these are fundamental in establishing a marketing objective.

  • business concept and product market , in a nutshell should formulate the definition of the company and the product you sell or service offered.

  • Analyze the market as its potential size and pattern of consumption and purchasing power demand as well.

  • It is essential to make a study of the environment, which means being attentive to changes in the micro environment and macro environment.

  • A determining factor for a company is analyzed internally the resources and capabilities.

  • Finally it is important enough to have data that are useful for decision-making, these can be internal or external.

Defining objectives

  1. Open launches new ground with items and removal of current.

  2. Achieve gain an advantage in buying and selling items.

  3. Raise market share.

  4. Increase profitability.

Develop Strategic Actions

Having a complete development and high allow competitive advantages arising in areas such as products, markets and resources to help achieve the objectives.

evaluate the strategic development of marketing

  • Marketing-MIX provides a specific approach combining various instruments such as pricing, distribution, product promotion to boost competitive advantage.

  • Have model strategies for achieving the objective using different models and plans to deliver results that create more value.

  • Expansion strategies depending on the product offered.

  • Depending on the opponent’s advantage sought is a generic strategy designed to factors such as cost, differentiation and focus.

  • Behavior in trade as advocates, prospects, analytical and reactors.

  • be subject to strategies leader, redator, follower, specialist These allow face competition.

  • And depending on the kind of product is generic, household appliances, automobiles using strategies such as Push, Pull and Push-Pull.

Taking into account the factors and concepts explained may develop a effective marketing strategy for your company, these data are effective.

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