What Are Some Of The Simple Inventions That Made Millionaires People?


In the world, there are certain people who ran with the fate of that just a simple invention or sell new products generated millions. These inventors and entrepreneurs enthusiasts are a sign that a good invention, even simple can make the very wealthy inventor. If you want to know what some of these inventions, stay with us and read What are some of the simple inventions that made millionaires people?

What are some of the Inventos singles became millionaires people?

simple inventions that made millionaires certain people

The pet rock

One of the most unusual and even funny inventions that top our list is The pet rock, or pet rock , so, for more unusual look good Gary Dahl day tired of hearing the complaints of his friends to their pets decided to take up the matter.

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Thus was born the pet rock, which is basically an ordinary rock, people can have as a pet, but without the need to take her out, clean their feces, bathing, etc., but fulfilling with her company property owner. That was how Gary Dahl started selling The pet rock in mid-1975 and managed to accumulate $ 15 million at the time.

Java Jacket

Another extremely invention simpler the Java Jacket, which consists of a simple piece of cardboard that is placed around the cups of coffee to go to avoid burning fingers.

 simple inventions examples millionaires changing world

This invention single was created by a man named Jay Jonson in 1991, but it was not until 1993 that creates a company like this to market the product, which was sold quickly, achieving in the first year accumulate profits approximately $ 8 million of dollars selling more than 250,000 cartons .

Gums elastic collectibles

This invention, no significant apparent purpose beyond being collectable, consists of elastic bands of colors, with various forms as animals, letters or objects .

These gums invented in 2002 by the Japanese Masonar Haneda and Yumiko Ohashi, were sold by hundreds of millions of dollars and are now considered as a typical and memorable memory of the generation of the early millennium.

Post-it or sticky notes

The popular, colorful and small sticky notes we know today were originally created under the name of Post-it, and were invented by Arthur Fry when it had problems because he was tired of always lose separator pages of his book of church songs.

It was when then it happened using the apparently failed glue his colleague Spencer Silver, who did not hit very well, but it was easy to remove without leaving marks and held perfectly paper.

person excited man holding hands money

In this way and through marketing gimmicks , analysis and < a "> sales strategies well developed after a slight failure in 1977, began selling in across the United States in 1980 and later in Europe and the world, making make money.

More simple inventions that have been successful in the world

The batamanta

Another invention a little extravagant, was created by Scott Boilen, who basically came up with dressed with a blanket , which actually succeeded because since 2008 have sold these garments more 30 million people, which would mean sales revenue of about $ 200 million.

Million Dollar Homepage

In mid-2005, a young man who needed to finance their studies, had a seemingly simple idea, but soon made it rain million. This young man is Alex Taw and his idea was to create the website Million Dollar Homepage , which in theory was a blank page with resolution 1000×1000 pixels, which would total one million pixels.

This young made available to people a space of 10×10 pixels each block, so that they placed ads, links, images, etc., in exchange for paying $ 1 per pixel. Well, this idea went viral and managed to sell all the pixels, grossing over $ 1,000,000 and auctioned off the last thousand blocks at a higher price.

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