What Are The Responsibilities And Functions Of A Hotel Receptionist?


The hospitality industry is one of the most successful, and part of that success depends on the quality of hotel workers, particularly the receptionists. The role of this becomes so important that this depends on which people want to stay at the hotel, for whom are first customers in the hotel’s receptionists.

If you want to know more about this job, responsibilities and functions, stay with us and read the topic What are the responsibilities and functions of a hotel receptionist?

What are the responsibilities and functions of a Receptionist?

What are the responsibilities and functions of a hotel receptionist?

Welcome Guest

The word” clerk” makes clear one of the most important functions: the primary responsibility is receive cordially customers, give them a friendly welcome to the hotel and make them current on everything related to your stay, considering they are the first point meeting of the client with the hotel.

Make check-in and check-out (receive and dismiss) to customers

This task is performed by the receptionists nothing more than to register entry and exit guests at the hotel for working. Also the clerk of the hotel’s responsibility to check the identity and client documentation, as well as placing it in the database of the hotel before giving them the keys to your room.

give customers information about the hotel

To provide a comfortable experience and calm guests offering accurate information on the premises of the hotel operations and services, as well as far as possible provide tourist information.

entrada hotel reception to check in hotel

This part to the advertising and marketing is due in tourism sector many hotels often create tours, tourist guides and the like, so the clerk must notify this to customers if they are interested.

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Attention to the customer and extra/special services

This is another of the most common and main functions of a receptionist and is based on giving very important attention to the customer and their preferences and needs, ie meet their orders. Another work of receptionists is in charge of special services requested by guests, such as a special dinner, extra beds, luggage store, etc.

The clerk must notify customers the ability to access special services at the time is that you are making them check in to ensure meet all orders as soon as possible, so that choose the hotel before renting a home or apartment to stay.

Also the clerk has the responsibility to handle phone calls and emails sent to the hotel, and even day to keep the information on corporate social networks of the hotel.

Over the roles and responsibilities of hotel receptionists

Addressing complaints, conflicts and incidents

Even though personality traits influence on employee performance, hotel receptionist should be patient and empathetic to dealing with customers, especially when problems arise. The receptionist should be fully able to solve the immediacy and effectively any questions, complaints, problems, etc.

billing clerk make expenditures host

In addition, the receptionist should have ready a book of complaints, suggestions and recommendations if a customer requests at any given time. A good receptionist never behave insolently if not rather behaves kindly although customers are crabby, to avoid conflicts and problems of perception and other.

Check the safety of the hotel

Usually in small hotels, the receptionist is also charged with the surveillance department, giving special relevance to constantly monitor screen surveillance cameras. In addition, you must have some control over who exit and enter of the hotel, and guests also staying at the hotel facilities.

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Expense Management

Ultimately, when the host ends his stay at the hotel, as well as make check-out , the clerk must prepare the bill for the customer, in addition to charges from other rooms, make count the cash collected and finally provide him this to the director of the hotel.

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