What Are Some Promotional Marketing Ideas For A Successful Spa?

You just open a spa, but do not know how to attract customers, worry’re not in the right place because this article will show some promotional marketing ideas for a successful spa ; follow these ideas will allow you to increase your customer base without spending a lot of money.

Things you should know about before promotional spa

Before making promotions for your spa must make sure your service menu is attractive , so you must have the most popular services in the market and include others that make it stand out like other spas. Among the services can have beauty treatments, massages, hot springs, water systems, special days, wrap algae, Turkish bath and sauna.

It is also important that your spa has a good decoration because it is no use having good promotions and where are performed treatments is dirty, ugly and messy, since only lead away customers. Make sure your spa transmit tranquility and peace, so use light colors, mirrors placed, decorated with plants, candles and wicker baskets; also the place should always be neat and clean.

Promotional Marketing Ideas for a successful SPA

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The good promotions help businesses to attract customers, but you must keep in mind that these must promotions them with frequencies but you must never repeat itself, is novel and offers something different to not bore customers.

Create attractive service packages: Build 5 to 8 packages with different services and pricing, but make sure that differ from other spa you have nearby. You can create special packages for certain times of the year as the day of the father, mother, Valentine’s Day friends, relaxing day, 2×1, relaxing family, wedding veil, women’s day, etc.

Use gift cards: offers companies that can serve packages gift for their workers, forms alliance with other businesses to give your gift cards if they buy a certain amount of money in that place. You can also give them a card to your frequent customers if they buy the most expensive package or go several times a month.

offers discounts: offer discounts to frequent customers will help keep loyal those customers while they comment on your friends and family rewards & nbsp ; obtained the go to your Spa. Can even special discount if they first visit the spa and discounts for referrals from other local or frequent customers.

Make contests: Use social networks to conduct contests, this tactic is currently used because your followers can share your competition with others, this will help to spread the contest, get followers and attract your potential customers.

Where promotions notify the Spa?

Social networks: Use social networks like Facebook or Instagram to advertise your spa, plus in these accounts can upload photos, videos, fun facts, conduct contests, interact with your customers and include data and spa services. It is important to publish content of interest several times a week.

Website: Create a website allows you to display the location of the spa, contact numbers, packages and promotions; It is also important to hang pictures and videos to show customers as spam and services offered. Do not forget to add a section that allows book appointments.

Google My Business : Most searches are made on Google, so use Google My Business is an excellent free tool that lets you manage the online presence of your spa on Google products.

Invite bloggers and influencer of the sector : The influencers and bloggers often have bastaste industry followers who follow the suggestions and recommendations given; why invite them one day your spa, show local try and make some of your services, if you’re brindas quality service person make an excellent overview of your local.

Remember to stay in touch with your customers to send promotions, new services packages or even can send tips to maintain a healthy body and mind; the success of your spa depends on you evolve and you adapt to the needs of your customers.

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