Making The Mirror Or Mirror Effect On A Video With Camtasia Studio

Apply mirror effect in Camtasia Studio may seem very difficult to do, and even impossible, since there is a special section for this type of item.

How to mirror mirror Effect or in a video with Camtasia Studio

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But it really is very simple, and requires no further editing knowledge, or this tool customizing video and images.

Another video editing tool that Camtasia Studio gives you is the speed of your video or adjust the volume of the video either uploading, downloading it or removing it.

How to achieve the mirror image or mirror?

To begin, it is good to clarify what the mirror effect. is that, for some users the mirror is to flip an image so that the components that are located on the right, now look on the left side


While also is credited with the same name a couple of elements, being placed opposite each other, generate the feeling that there is a mirror in the middle.

In this sense, both presentations can be achieved by easily Camtasia Studio by following step for each situation.

Mirror effect in Camtasia Studio with a

To achieve rotate the image or video so that this seems to be seeing the reverse, shall start to run the program editing

Within this, the tab is located “ Import Media ” and is selected to access the system files where the video you want to work is dialed.

After opening it, you click on the same item and drag it to the timeline, which will also appear on the pasteboard, or box central issue.

 studio interface camtasya

The following is, with the selected image, locate the trim points . These are small points located in the corners and sides to allow easy adjustment.

Now, holding down the “ Shift ” is pressed on the point of cutting right and drag it to the left side of the workspace, positioning it according to the needs of the user.

Then the same is done with the left point. But this time taking it to the right side of the screen and always pressing Shift “.

This way, you get equip with mirror effect on Camtasia Studio a video or image, having successfully turned the item.

The effect with two

If, on the other hand, what is desired is to apply the mirror effect to simulate exactly a mirror, you will need to work a little more files.

A the same as in the previous case, the program will run, and proceeds to give in “ Import Media ” to include the file.

Here is dragged to the first timeline. Then you drag the file again, this time to the second position on the same panel.

Consequently, will feature video positioning twice . These, they must be placed so that the same duration and the same size to resize.

Finalized these previous adjustments, proceed to make the mirror effect in Camtasia Studio, for which we will move the videos on the worktable.


Last This will be done so that, stay next to each other. Now simply have to choose the item you want “ turning ” to get the effect.

Usually, the thumbnail that is located on the left side of the product is used. Thus, using the “ Shift ” key points such move and cut as was done in the previous case.

The left point, it should be located right where the right was (just touching the other image) and vice versa.

And ready, to the video will play observase up a mirror effect, where two identical elements simulate found in front of a mirror.

A recommendation to consider is to remove the audio from the video on the left. Or that “ flip ” to retain only that of the other element.

Now, finally, only need to export the finished product using the “ Share ” located in the upper right corner, and following the instructions button.

Another very useful tool this video editor gives you is the ability to remove a green background color of your video or to work with the lights in your video either obscuring or clarifying as needed.

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