Removing The Background Green Or Chroma Key In Camtasia Studio

If you like video editing, learn with this article how to remove the background green or chroma key in Camtasia Studio .

In this digital age is common share content in video format for different platforms like YouTube or social networks. Camtasia Studio is an excellent choice for this, because you can record, edit and render a video so easy and simple.

How to Remove the background Color Chroma Key Green or in Camtasia Studio

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To make these videos look more attractive effects are used, both auditory and visual with the help of video editors.

Camtasia Studio is a software that provides a wide variety with options you can put text from to a video, to easily darken or lighten video. One of the most common effects in video editing is the Chroma Key , this green screen on which is recorded and then make edits background.

You can say that one of the editors is currently most commonly used Camtasia Studio . This article will guide you step by step to remove the green background in your videos with this editor.

What is Camtasia Studio?
Window Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a suite, belonging to TechSmith , which allows users to create video tutorials and presentations via screencast. It also allows recording directly to Microsoft PowerPoint through a plug-in.

This suite consists of two main units; Camtasia Recorder , screen capture tool and separate audio, and Camtasia Studio editor with which you can handle multiple clips on a single track.

Install Camtasia Studio

To purchase and download Camtasia Studio enters the official website of TechSmith where deveras choose the operating system of the computer you use and install the version you want.

Once the download is complete locate the camtasia.exe on your computer, usually staying in the Downloads . File

Double-click the file to start installing the program. The installation wizard anger guiding the process to completion.

When the process is finished close all windows. Now you just have to go icon Camtasia Studio and press it to start the program and start using it.

remove background green with Camtasia Studio
 green with Camtasia Studio

A downloading any effect observe and adhere to your videos that the background is green, what is known as Chroma Key .

This effect has been used for a long time video editing and its uses range from simple modifications to sophisticated multi-layer systems.

If you want to add an effect to your videos and want to delete the Chroma Key of this fund, the Camtasia Studio editor You may be very helpful.

To do so opens the program on your computer and load the video you want to attach to the effect. Then add the effect.

To do this press the Media button on the bar on the left of the screen and press the sign + , then press Import Media .

Go to the path where the file is located, select it and press the Open button to add it to your current project.

Since this on the screen of the program click the right mouse button on the effect and select Add to the list of time .

back to the bar options on the left and select Visual Effects and boxes that will see selected below that says Remove Color .

Leaving the sharp click on the box to drag the time bar where the green color effect you want to change is.

Once done, click the Properties to the right side of the screen to display the edit menu.


Click the small arrow to the side of the Color option and select the eyedropper button double click and take it to the green screen to release.

At the completion of the action, you’ll see the green color disappears and the video playback observe the effect that you added to your project and without the Chroma Key.

Following these simple steps will achieve the effect you want to add to your videos and you can remove the green color of them.

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