How To Create Personalized Birthday Cards Free In Canva Online

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With the increasing use of the internet and the possible barriers that are shared with our loved ones, it is very useful to be able to do birthday cards Canva .

The online version of this service is very versatile, it supports creating almost any kind of images with different dimensions and situations desired.

So if you want to surprise someone in your special date , with Canva can get a card personalized and totally free birthday.

I have time I need a quick birthday card!

Everyone has happened to us that we forget the exact date of the birthday of an acquaintance or family, and we need to be resolved quickly to avoid being wrong.

Well, the Canva platform, this problem has a solution. It has many default templates available at no cost .

To begin, you must have an account for this service and have entered it from their official website.

Then, and best, is to use the search engine that emerges pressing the “ Create a design “, which is located on the left side panel.

In this, the words are written “ Birthday Cards ” to quickly find the item you need, and click on it to open the issue.

Then you opt for any of the templates that will be positioned on the left side menu. There are so many options, for all tastes are.

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Now with the card placed on the screen editing focus, we proceed to make the necessary changes to customize birthday cards Canva .

You can change the colors, images and all elements. But, usually, simply add the name of the person and any change in the message.

Finally, is located at the top right of the “ Publish ” button, and choose the option that best suits the wishes of the creator.

Customize from scratch birthday cards Canva

If you are a person who have time or prefer to create from scratch their cards, especially considering it is for someone special, it is also permitted.

That is, Canva also includes a mode in which users can make their own projects from a blank sheet.

So to start you must open the official website and log on as is usually done, to then give the button “ Create a design “.

In the displayed list, the view will move to give the needed option. Or, you can use the included search engine and type “ Birthday Card “.

After clicking on this option, the edit window, which you will notice that is totally blank open.

The next thing is to get down to work and make use of the variety of possibilities that arise through the side panel on the left.

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So, may be added default templates, photos, videos, text in various presentations, change the background, and more.

So just be rely on imagination and design skills of the user, who can move items, resize and many more.

It is important to remember that, counting on a free account , will have components that will be exclusive for Premium customers.

But this will not stop you, because the possibilities for regular users are also amazing, being able to create the best birthday cards Canva.

Canva has multiple tools and effects that will make you easily and quickly without being an expert in graphic design task. Among the effects that can call your attention have the effect of pixelated.

Can I make birthday cards of another size?

Although the platform has its own dimensions set for birthday cards, it is possible to create them in different sizes.

If you want to have a celebration card with the form of a banner, as an infographic, as a poster or custom size, there is a solution.

Through the button “ Create a design ” can be chosen which will, even the “ Custom Dimensions “. Any design you believe in Canva can be easily resized.

Once inside the edition, will be part of the user convert your birthday cards href=”” Canva dreamed model, using the tools that the platform presents.

Do not limit yourself to just birthday cards, explore your creating computer graphics, logos or invitations for parties and events. Make your ideas come up.

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