How To Create Ads For Facebook Using Canva Free | No Other Programs

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Facebook is one of the most important social networks and terms used in ads. Since it has a multitude of users. But also their payment methods are relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms. For this reason, most people choose to create an ad in Facebook Ads and uploading them.

How to create ads for Facebook Free using Canva | No Other Programs

Create Facebook Ads is great for your business because it brings many benefits, it is also good to add a administrator to an advertising Facebook Ads , to help you with your campaign.

However, when we want to raise an ad ideally do it in style, creating a representative and enjoyable publication for consumers. Therefore, Canva has a variety of templates for you to make announcements or quality publications for you. Also, you do not require to be a professional or expert to make an excellent creation. Canva also lets you create your own brand and design kit a total profit for your business.

But if you do not know it’s Canva, how it is used and how you can create your ads to Facebook through it, do not worry. Because then we will help you solve each of these questions.

What you are Canva and how does it work?

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Canva is a free online tool which allows different designs, creative and elegant. It also has a variety of templates that you can apply in designs that you elaborate. The best of this platform is that it is not necessary to be an expert or professional in design because Canva offers an intuitive and easy to use platform .

Thus, this tool has become a big help when we want to create ads for any social network, including Facebook. Since we can personalize ads the way we like, and add templates of the platform or add any other image.

How to register Canva to create free Facebook ads?

It is important to note that the first thing to do to get the benefits of this program is href=”” register Canva from web, but what good is that it is a very easy and quick process. The platform also offers three alternatives to create the account, which are:

  • Register with Google: If you choose this option, you must add a Google Account and then you see a window in which you must indicate what kind of use you will give Canva. For example, if professional, student, business, personal, among others.
  • Register with Facebook: Similarly, you must choose Facebook with which to register and follow the procedure explained above
  • .

  • Register with your email: To do this, the user must add the name, email, and other data that asks the program
  • .

Once registered in Canva, and you can start making your designs.

Create ads for Facebook with Canva

The steps to create an ad with Canva are:

  • Access your account Canva
  • Once there, you can see the home page of the program, which will show different options, it all templates, selected by category.
  • To create an ad can templates choose the category you are looking for , such as Post to Facebook, Facebook app ad, Facebook Ads, among others.

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  • Once you have chosen the category, you find among all existing templates in this section, and choose the right.
  • You can also add images you want to advertise.
  • You can add text , considering it is recommended to place some text for your ad to be wider.
  • Canva offers different options, for example you can make a video, add music, elements and more.
  • The user can choose the alternatives you like best and convenient
  • Once you have completed your design, you can Download it or Share it with others.
  • In this way, already have ready your ad and upload it to Facebook.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion, has been able to create ads for Facebook with Canva easily? Do you think that Canva is a useful tool? Leave your answers in the comments.

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