How To Create A Cover For Facebook Using Canva Event? | Free Online

 create a cover for an event Facebook using Canva

If you have a page on Facebook and you create a publication of an event , then you must learn to create a cover for an event on Facebook using Canva.

Not only publications events, also for everyday use or company page personal Facebook pages.

In addition, it is simple to complement publications for free using Canva Facebook and even give a better touch to your groups on Facebook.

Canva have many attractive ways to covers or create your images . Read that I’ll teach you to work with Canva.

How to Create a cover for a Facebook Event Using Canva | Free Online

Get started creating your cover for Facebook with Canva

To create a cover for Facebook event using Canva simply must perform the following steps I’ll leave you below:

You can create a free account . You can use your Facebook data or simply create a new account using your email.

  • Now that you are connected, choose the type of design that you want to create.
  • Now let’s design a cover photo of Facebook, click “ Facebook Home» .
  • In the section on the right is the toolbar. Here you can find graphics, browse designs, insert text, change the background or upload your own images.
  • Now you will start by selecting a color/design background: You can select a solid color or background with a pattern and use the button “ + ” (more) with color circles to customize the perfect pitch .


From here you can search the chart gallery, or insert a picture. In choosing to use your own photo, first, you must insert a frame for the image so that projection.

To add your image simply drag it into the frame, or charge it using the option load in the toolbar on the right.

Add text and publish

To insert text, click on the tab “ text ” in the right toolbar and select a style from the menu.

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You can adjust the size and color circles use the toolbar to customize the color pop. You also have the option to change the font and font color.

Canva facilitates the publication of his image just select the “ Save Share ” in the right corner.

In addition to providing a preview link that you can share with your team members wishing to implement edits before publishing.

In this way able to create a cover for an event Facebook using Canva. It really is simple, and gradually you will become familiar with other options offered.

The design area

After selecting the option “ Home Facebook “, you will find in the design area.

Before jumping to design our Facebook cover, let’s look at design options, which are in the left column. Search below, you will see the tab “ designs “.

 create cover

These are just some of the many Canva designs (templates). Note that cloud cartoons, sky and green grass indicate areas where you can upload your own image.

  • To enable a design, simply click on it.

Under the tab Designs will find the tab “ text “. You can choose to add one or more of these funny text boxes to your design.

Once you drag the text box to your design, you can customize the font and text inside the box. The tab “ Wallpaper “. You can choose a pattern, image or color for your background.

Clicking the sign ‘ + ‘ in the gray circle, you can get the exact color you want moving the cursor over the color wheel or by entering hex color code.

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Finally, you will see the tab “ Uploads “. Here you can upload a photo from your hard drive or Facebook. You can also find photos and graphics on the basis of image data.

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