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The stories are the new trend, are increasingly popular and are usually used to share photos and videos by 24 hours . In this article we will teach you how to create and design Facebook stories for free online using Canva.

Creating and Designing Stories For Using Facebook Canva | Online Free

Many users use it to enhance their presence in social networks. The content you can upload to them is very versatile and you prune Canva be sure that your stories are perfect.

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How to create and design Facebook Stories with Canva very easy

Canva is a platform that has a fantastic team of designers. On your page we can find a huge collection of templates with different topics. Ente them include ads, photo collages, flyers, memes, etc. Let’s not forget to mention the feature to “ Drag and drop ” in the library of images.

With this feature you can adapt and customize your template more easily and in a matter of minutes. To begin the first thing you do is go to your website. Once you’ve entered, you must click on the blue button “Open a new design of Facebook Stories”.

With this action, will lead a new tab where you must login or create an account, if you do not have it. To do this, you will have options to sign up faster, “Register with Google” or “ Register with Facebook “. Then, you must open a new design Facebook Story , choosing among the options you have available templates.

You can choose to upload your own image or choose from the options offered Canva. Edits and corrects your images. If you wish, you can also add filters.

Finally edit the text. Canva has more than 130 typefaces. You can also, if you want to change the colors of text boxes and text to personalize it even more.

When you’ve finished editing your story click “Save” and finally “shared”.

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Edit and customize your layout in few step

Edit your images then up on your Facebook Stories then highlight them is very simple. You can use your layouts or professional designs or create your own from scratch to become the king of designers in your social networks.

You can take your time to explore the vast multimedia library Canva you have available. Note that social networks are purely visual.

For all to see your story and stand out from the rest, you’ll need to create a truly stunning design. If you already have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for, you can use the search bar.

If you instead want to explore a little in your gallery, select the Items tab. Some of its themes can find, for example, images for social networks, curriculum, computer graphics, business cards, banners, etc.


Your gallery is organized by folders depending on the subject that apply, simpler to navigate. Most images are free . In addition to the filters, you can add to your Facebook Story, forms, graphics and icons.

Plan every detail of your story, and you should be aware that once you’ve uploaded your history of Facebook, can not change the order of your images and videos. If you want to promote a release of a product, it’s a good way to create buzz among your followers.

You can download this app for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices . It is not always possible to have a computer at hand, so you have this app on your device will greatly facilitate your work., wherever you are.

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Now you have no excuses, you know how to create and design stories to Facebook, agrégale music and increases your engagement go ahead and start designing!

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