How To Create Or Draw Ovals Quick And Easy Canva?

 design canva with background colors

Being a graphic designer in the digital age we live today, it is the dream job of many. This I know companies that develop programs, so more and more they try to create applications that help designers work more easily. That is why You learn how to create or draw ovals Canva.

And, applications like the one you just read there are many, all with different functions and better than the other. But certainly above most rises Canva, because it is not only extremely easy to use (something I thank the novice), but also subsequently updated, keeping step to progress (you can literally to create animated gifs in Canva pro , so this date, which in other applications can not do).

What is Canva?

to create or draw ovals on Canva , you must obviously have some background on what this application, so that newcomers to the design, do not panic at the start.

Canva is basically a program created as a graphic web design, service is the freemium style, so the complete application is   free, but more complicated add-ons must be purchased.

This is very complete and also easy to use (its interface is friendly and intuitive) , has at the least 8000 templates, for about 100 types of design.

It also gives you the option to make designs from 0, without any guide. Allowing also put things like:   color gradients above photos, curos texts or bow , among others.

 circle of blue canva


You can created from flyers, to a inforgrafia online for free with Canva . And if that were not enough, you can buy your impression for a very low price, so also it exercises stationery.

To start using just must go to their official website on the search engine Google , and register either Google or Facebook. Once you’ve done that you will get a screen where you must choose the use you give, options are displayed. teacher, student, business, personal, among others

You should only choose one, then have the browser take you to the main page, where you can find all kinds of design which lead you, or give directly to “Create design” to start. In the latter tighten and you can start creating or draw ovals on Canva.

Create or draw ovals on Canva

Now if what you came, once this within section where you can start creating your own from 0, must go to the toolbar that appears in the left side of the screen.

There’ll notice that there are several options, select the third call “ Elements “, with that a window where you then must choose the option labeled “ Forms ” will open.

This will let you see the available forms such as triangles, squares, among others. There will be no ovals, since these are not natively in the program, so you must do the following to create them:

 canva design


Tap the circle and drag it to the edit screen, you’ll see around him appear a sort of lateral anchors, these serve to change the size, so if you play with them and you contract or wide enough, you can create an oval smooth (can also rotate to any position).

This trick appeared in one of the latest updates from Canva, and you can apply it to any of the forms containing the program.

With that last thing you read, you know enough to create or draw ovals on Canva. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, get out of here and go to the program to you can start creating your best designs quickly and easily once.

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