Putting Animations On Pictures Using Canva -Step By Step

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Canva is an image editor and videos highly recommended. Everything you can imagine you can create, it has a variety of tools to make your creations look fantastic (with you to do pixelated effect). Today we will tell animations on how to put pictures using Canva.

With Canva can create different post, whether you want to use as hobbies and share your productions on your social networks, or you want to use this tool to create or design a modern logo for your company or business.

And best of all, no need to download any application because all editions href=”https://www.canva.com/” are working from your website , and is compatible with desktop devices and mobile. you no longer have excuses to use Canva, you can use it where, when and from any device you want.

How to start using the editor Canva easy and fast

start using the Canva editor login to your website and log in with your account. In case you still do not have a profile created, you can do so using information from your Facebook or Google account.

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Once inside, look at the menu on your left and press on Create a design and choose any design, whether you want to create animations for social networks (like Instagram) or whatever you can think of. Thus you can choose the size of leaf design.

Once you’ve chosen a type of editing, a new tab where you can make any changes you want without fear of losing your original image will open, as Canva saves all files that share in its original format you can access it when you need it.

If you want to edit an image you have stored in the gallery of your device , you must press on the tab uploaded Files and then Upload photo or video. or, you can opt for any images that offers Canva from the Photos tab.

Whatever option you choose, to carry the sheet editing click on the image or drag it to the sheet you have in the center to start applying the changes.

How to put pictures with Canva animations in a few steps

Once you have the image or picture and size you want to use for your presentation sheet edition, we will see how to animations on them in a few steps.

From the menu on the left must now select the animations you want to add to them. To do this go into the Elements and then find the Stickers. Click on View all section to see all the options offered Canva.

 canva canvas

Another way of looking animations is writing in the search bar menu items: “Scribble Stickers” or “Music Stickers” . When you pick one, click on it to bring it to the center. Now you just have to accommodate the image, until as you wish.

You can resize, crop or rotate, and add as many animations as you like. If you want to add music, also you can do. To do this, go to the Music tab you have left of your screen.

Choose by some of the alternatives that offers Canva. To play press on the icon Play and to add, click on its name.

Once you have the track on the sheet editing , you can choose a piece to sound , from the Soundbar with the track you have at the top of the screen.

When you have finished making all changes click on Download video . It is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose some of the formats and hopes to complete the process. Now select the path to the file and save it. This way’ve put animations and photographs using Canva simple steps


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