How To Use And Easily Make A Cover For A Group Of Facebook In Canva?

 use and easily make a cover for a Facebook group in Canva

The cover of your Facebook group is the first thing the new members will see when they click, why should use and easily make a cover for a Facebook group with Canva.

How to Use and easily make a cover for a Facebook group in canva

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Since create custom QR codes in Canva to just hacer pixelated effect seems to do a cover for Facebook is something simple for Canva.

You must make sure your image cover communicate clearly, that has cohesion and class, as well as to report on what question the group.

If not, it’s time to easily make a Home for Facebook group to connect with others and become for you into something striking and attractive.

So I teach you the right sizes so you can create a cover for your Facebook groups ideal , which does not have trouble seeing both the PC and mobile.

Steps to use and easily make a cover for a Facebook group with Canva

In order to easily make a cover for a group of Facebook . Only must perform the following steps:

Open a new design

It’s time to create your title as a professional. Here are a few simple steps to create a Facebook group cover clear and functional.

If you are creating your own image from scratch, set a custom size , for example. Of 1920p x 1080p

  • You must create a design, he uses custom dimensions (custom dimensions button in the upper right corner).
  • Select and create a custom design with dimensions of 1920p x 1080p

  • The design around the gray areas I recommend you do not put important information in these areas.
  • Put your copy on the left side and use your brand elements to achieve the right balance
  • Add a picture of you left. Yes, we have to see who is the host of impressive this group. And that’s all.

If you are using a free account Canva and want to adapt a template, select the option « Facebook Home Event » in the sub-section « Social Networks «.

Once you have created a design for a free account Canva not be able to resize the design. This will give you the correct size and access to templates in the left menu.

Centering elements of your design

It is important to adjust the design so that the cover you are about to create can be seen well in both the computer and smart phones.

Use the size of 1920p x 1080p allows this. But it is important to maintain the key elements in the center, as some of the designs will not be visible on the desktop.

Check out the covers of Facebook correct and incorrect

What if you do not follow these guidelines for perfect to easily make a cover for a group of Facebook?

The image of the cover is perfect 1920p x 1080p with the key elements moved toward the center of the page.

is displayed perfectly on mobile and even when the edges are cut on the desktop image does not decrease.

It is also the perfect cover for an event and Facebook is displayed correctly on the desktop, mobile and news source.

Now that you’ve finished, is downloading, Save image , and then you can upgrade to the page of your group Facebook .

Gradually to the Canva use the tool to make your photographs to use in your social networks, you will learn the different Canva has to offer.

Even, you can also buy the license application fee, allows you to use many more features, and will find a lot of templates to use .

You must be sure to cancel the Premium service, as you put your credit card will be deducted on the first day when you pass the test month.

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