Canva Using Images To Create Publications For Twitter

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For some time, they are using programs or applications to give a publicity boost to the different social networks. This is a very important aspect, if you really want your profile have a professional image captured by you . And it works the same way if you’re new networks or conversely longer has time, but want to make an improvement to your visual content.

That is why we want to show you a tool that will help you know how to use Canva publications To create images for Twitter.

How to Use Canva to Create Publications Images for Twitter

Is that it, that currently must use design tools that allow you to highlight images so Positive and receive greater attention from your contacts. There are in very good market and effective tools to help you on your way but Canva seems to us the most suitable thanks to its large number of templates and easy to use. And with Canva not only you can creatively crop images but also can design them to your liking.

That is why, you’ve brought an excellent tutorial that will guide you step by step to use this tool, but I guarantee that through its graphical interface immediately know how to use it. Without further delay and without wasting time let’s show How to use Canva publications To create images for Twitter.

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Using Canva images to create publications for Twitter

Make social networking sites like Twitter to show images with the professional touch is not very difficult to do. Only you have the necessary tools to achieve and we will give you the. Y First we will show in the article Canva how to use images to create publications for Twitter


The first thing to do is start by heading to the Canva page , here we leave the href=”” link so do not waste time. To use the page must register and login. You can work with the free version, but you will not get all the benefits that the platform can offer, if you want you can opt for payment plans.

Once completed the registration process and I logged in, you can see the lot of templates that offers more than 8,000 . I also want to remember that this tool will work not only Twitter but with any other social network. So when you are on the page you must choose the template to create your design. Furthermore, these also serve you so you can create a banner ad aimed at Twitter .

You must be very careful when making the choice of your template and to show you all you have and some of them can be free and others not. But I recommend if you want to make a publication of any product yours, you go to the left end part and choose the Files uploaded , do clip and ask you to drag and let go from your computer.

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But if you prefer you can also choose from the millions of pictures that gives you the tool, once chosen the photo can dimension to the size you wish. And you can also add all those elements that you want. That’s why you go to the side menu located to the left and you can choose text options, Elements, Funds, etc.

It is very versatile how you use the application and can design your publications Twitter . Very easily and quickly

Here you can get everything you need without having to download anything on your computer unless you want to promote a product. You also have the option to add a video and musuca, is really very complete options it offers.

And when you made your publication and you want to publish only go to the top right and clip the option to Publish. Several options disaggregate and here you can choose which one you want in our case we do clip on Twitter. You synchronized with the platform and end beams clip Publish.

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In this way will your publication on the social network you have chosen and have learned that easy To create publications using Canva images To Twitter . The time you spend will depend on your post shows better aesthetics and professionalism


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