How To Use And Create An Online Advertising Banner Canva To Post On Twitter

 using Canva and create an online advertising banner to publish on Twitter

With the variety of editing tools outstanding design our own content is easy. Such is the example below to create an online advertising banner Canva to post on Twitter.

How to Use and Create a banner in Canva Free Advertising to advertise in Twitter

Although there are countless pages devoted to the creation and design of banners or headers, Canva is positioned as one of the most versatile and easy to use .

With Canva also can make covers for a group of Facebook . Even create publications for Facebook , so it is a good ally for social networks general.

If what you want is to generate quality content, learning to manage Canva is the best it can be. Here we bring as I do, and apply it to create banners for Twitter .

Start in the world Canva

For those who thrive in this platform , it is never too late to start, so you just have to go to the required page and create an account.

This is accomplished by selecting in the top right of the “ Register ” button and follow the steps that will indicate the site. Although this is a shelf with pay mode, whereby access and privileges are totally wonderful.

You can also create very good content having a non-Pro account, or free permits also allows purchase or pay for specific materials .

Create with Canva a banner ad for Twitter

After logging in, you must locate the “ Create a design ” is quite striking and is usually positioned at the top of the side menu of the platform.

 using canva

A the click on it, it will pop up a search bar that also has a default set of options to choose, to determine the type of design to start.

In this case, it is best to write in the search word “ Headers ” for as a suggestion “ Headers Twitter “.

And though the name is different, this is the most viable option to create a banner ad Twitter, it will have a ratio of 1500 x 500 px.

In making the choice, a new window will appear with a few samples or pre-generated templates that can be used as the basis of our advertising banner.

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But if none of these fits what we want, or prefer design from scratch header, no problem, Canva allows us.

So, coment, then the first option that says “ Design blank ” for our blank page ready to start the creative process.

Use Canva to design

Learn to use this platform is not as complicated as believing usually, what is certain is that the more practice you have, the result tends to be the better .

With it, you can even play with your imagination and use publications Canva to create images for Twitter.

In addition, after learning how to use the creation time decreases a lot, provided it be clear that you want to capture.

Now, for those who do not know, to be located on the sheet or design, will have a well-stocked flyout tools .

Of which you can choose to change the default template, Canva include photos or upload them from your computer, add items such as icons and forms.

also include videos, change text, background and much more, practically the limit is far reaching imagination and expertise of the user.

On the other hand, within each section or unit will be available to add and modify individual settings themselves.

To include new elements, simply visualize and clicking on it accordingly will be added to the design in a standard size .

The latter can be resized, moved and then change being added and without it if no longer wish to use it.

With regard to objects or features you pay, there is a mode in which the end of the Edit and go to download or share the design, an amount for each Pro element used is canceled.

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There is only applying the method of trial and error to get create the advertising banner to Twitter that best suits the needs of who publish.

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