Changing The Language On My Cell Whatsapp Iphone

With WhatsApp can communicate with users around the world without worrying about speaking the same language. In today’s tutorial we’re going to have how to change the language of WhatsApp on your cell iPhone.

You can change the language in your WhatsApp mobile, as well as WhatsApp translate conversations in any language. As you know, WhatsApp works with Google and as a result, have built-in Google Translater application or Google translator

This can set up your device so that messages reach your inbox in a language to which you have selected are translated. Similarly, messages you send will result. This no longer have excuses to communicate with users of other countries or having to know how to speak other languages. We say thanks to WhatsApp for this new update.

Now let’s what concerns us. change the language of WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone device first necessary that you achieve WhatsApp for iPhone upgrade to the latest version. Then must perform the following steps:

Begin entering the app and position yourself on the main screen. Once inside, click on the icon of the three points you have at the top of the screen to see “More options.”

Enter the menu of “Chats” and within it find and select “ Language and input” . a new screen where you must choose one of the available languages ​​appears.

You can also add a region or country in which you find to help the self-corrector Google to do much more dynamic writing.

 functions whatsapp on iphone

Once you have modified the language of your device, the keyboard will change to the new language you have chosen. For example, if you had it set to English, your keyboard did not have the letter Ñ but now that you’ve changed to Spanish, see time this letter on your keyboard.

How to change the language of my mobile iPhone easy and fast

If accounts with Apple and want to device change the language of your phone Following these steps will explain in detail how to do it smoothly. Already have your phone handy? Let’s start

Enter the settings of your iPhone or iPad device from the application menu. Swipe the options to “General”. In the opened submenu click on “Language and Region”.

Once inside, click on “ Language ” to select the language you prefer to use your device, then “ Region ” to add your country of origin. In this way you will help the self-correcting to write much more fluid.

When finished you have to customize both press “Ok” and then “Change to (selected language). In this way’ve changed the language of your device and by extension, will have been change the language of iOS WhatsApp.

How to change the language of a message in WhatsApp iPhone in a few steps

Thanks to new updates WhatsApp is possible to change the language a particular message. This greatly facilitates communication between users of different countries, as it has a built-in translator which can access very easily.

 whatsapp download from Google Play Store

There is a way to configure the app so you can translate conversations in WhatsApp any different language to which you have configured to use it.

To translate a message you simply click on the “+” symbol found on your keyboard and swipe left until you can display the icon of the translator.

Once you press this icon appears on it. If this is the first time you do have to accept the terms of use of the same. Once you’ve granted permission, the messages you receive and you send will be translated automatically.

If you want to learn how to do some tricks with WhatsApp or with your iPhone, you can visit our website and see that we have created tutorials to get the most out of your device.

Remember that if you have any questions, you can let down in the comment box so we can help you solve it.

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