How To Reinstall Whatsapp On My Cell Without Losing Chats? -Fast And Easy

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As we all know, the WhatsApp application already part of our daily lives and it is common before getting revise the state of our contacts. For this reason it would be a calamity that wanting to reinstall the application lose all its contents. That is why in the next tutorial will explain How to reinstall WhatsApp on my cell without losing chats? easy and fast.

How Reinstall WhatsApp on my cell Unbeaten Chats? -Easy and Fast

Many do not know but this WhatsApp allows you to be able to back up all files and contacts in the cloud. This measure as provision in the event of some kind of problem with the application or with your mobile . All this for the comfort of users who do not want to miss anything about your contacts, groups or conversations.

The evolution of WhatsApp allows its use is widespread and increasingly easier to use its various functions. This is what we saw in the article that talked about how to make a search all conversations WhatsApp.

How to reinstall WhatsApp on my cell without losing chats

Sometimes it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall the application again on your mobile. But many fear this operation because it is equivalent to losing all the information that you have not taken the precaution of backing. The most common problems of this app are about the update.

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O is also very common that you removed some information incorrectly and has tried to recover it. But no matter why you should perform a reinstallation we’ll show you how you can do this without you miss the Chats . The steps below indicate you are to perform a backup in the cloud and href=””>.

Remember also that this support must do regularly to go adding new conversations you have with your contacts. When you do this type of backup you shalt observe all the information you have. Whether number of contacts, conversations, music files, video and photos, but this is something you must choose beforehand.

Also keep in mind that you must have a copy of safety or your email account synchronized with your mobile so that they can store data. If your phone has Android system must do the following:

Here we’ll show you how to back up before you proceed to uninstall the application WhatsApp . After you open the application you go to the top right and press the icon with the three points. In the options you select Settings appear, then click on the Chat option and finally choose Backup.

And now you select how your information if you want it to be manually or automatically be saved. In either case, press the Save button and now expects the data is loaded. After you finish uninstall the application and return to install it from the Play Store .

After installing and & nbsp is conducted; enter all your data this will synchronize with your email and see the Skip or Reset options. To the select can recover your chats, contacts, groups, etc.

How to reinstall WhatsApp on my cell without losing Chats from iOS

For this work must have a method affiliate, if you have not you must run Setup then the Accounts and password. And finally you select the Add Account option, this action displays a list where you can choose how to sync your information.

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You ask data such as email and password, your account is now on your device and any change will be saved. you must now turn to Menu then Settings, then select Chats and finally Backup.

Now when you install the App again one must accept the reestablishment the information found in the cloud. In this way you learn How to reinstall WhatsApp on my cell without losing Chats? -easy and fast


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